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Diablo 4 players are calling for a Last Epoch-inspired overhaul



The fun of Last Epoch's Skill Trees has convinced Diablo 4 players that an improvement to the current system is necessary.

After a long Early Access period, the highly anticipated Last Epoch has launched on PC, Mac and Linux.

The experience offers an old-fashioned Diablo feel that has particularly captivated Blizzard fans. Many have praised Eleventh Hour for capturing the essence of Necromancer gameplay.

And it seems the praise isn't going to stop any time soon. Indeed, Diablo 4 players hope that the success of Last Epoch will inspire Blizzard to rethink some of its current game systems.

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Diablo 4 Fans Want Blizzard to Copy Last Epoch's Skill Tree

On Reddit, user In0nsistentGentleman made a plea for an overhaul of the Skill Tree in Diablo 4. He noted that Diablo 3's skills each have five variants, leading to a lot of variety when it comes to build types. .

Diablo 4 pales in comparison. His skills simply offer “ 20% damage reduction for 3 seconds or a stun for 2 seconds every 12 seconds “. While the Redditor hopes the Vessel of Hatred expansion will introduce an overhaul, others believe Blizzard needs to go further and ” copy Last Epoch “.

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A user also responded to the post saying: “ Last Epoch skills have their own Skill Tree and they have 1/80th of the budget. This is embarrassing for Blizzard “.

Another Diablo 4 player praised Last Epoch for its inventive build combinations. “ I'm having so much fun with LE Skill Trees. You can try lots of crazy combinations and then add cool items to push these builds even further. “, the user wrote.

For months, Last Epoch players have been applauding it for having one of the best skill and itemization systems. The skills and passive abilities that come with them allow for a lot of depth and versatility. This is something Diablo 4 lacks, especially when it comes to skills and items.

The good news is that Blizzard continues to update Diablo 4, which means significant changes could be coming. Players can only hope that these changes continue to meet their expectations.

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