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Diablo 4 Players Beg Blizzard to Include Hell Dungeons



Diablo 4 players are fed up with the Season of Assemblies and are demanding developers start adding content related to the war between Heaven and Hell to Sanctuary.

Diablo 4 players are excited about the return of the Vampiric Powers announced during the last Campfire Chat. However, that doesn't seem to be enough to revive the Assembly Season, which fans have deemed “ dull ”, to say the least.

As users pile up requests to Blizzard, the main complaint is still about the type of content Diablo 4 has presented so far. Most players admit that what they're really looking forward to is being able to return to the Underworld and fight demons the old-fashioned way.

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Diablo 4 players want a return to Hell with Dungeons

In a Reddit post titled “I miss fighting demons in Hell!” “, player LeFUUUUUU asked Blizzard to finally include some of the franchise's much-lamented storylines.

I recently did the Vault of Cinders and the first part is all ashes with lava and shit (yes I know it's not in Hell but still) and it made me realize how much I miss fighting in Hell, like we did in D3 and the later parts of the D4 campaign », Commented a player. Other fans agreed and pointed out that they also wanted to feel involved in the angels versus demons war.

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Players also admitted that they were surprised by the fact that Diablo 4 included few references to Hell. Indeed, you have to reach the last chapters of the main campaign for it to be mentioned. Equally strange, Diablo is not mentioned despite his central role in the franchise.

Some have speculated that Blizzard might consider including Diablo in the new expansion. On the other hand, others think that Dungeons linked to Hell and Heaven should be added in future seasons.

The part of the countryside when we returned to old Tristram, and everything was psychedelic. Just give me an endless dungeon like that. Just an endless Diablo Cathedral dungeon and underground maps slowly leading towards Hell. I really miss the DARK, immersive survival aspects of D1 and parts of D2. », Commented a player.

This is why Diablo 4 players are begging developers to add new Dungeons located in the Underworld.

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