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Diablo 4: Players discuss the Gauntlet, some celebrate it, others say: “Total garbage”



With the new patch the leaderboards came to Diablo 4 and with them the “Gauntlet”. One side celebrates the new test in the fixed dungeon, the other complains about the feature.

With patch 1.3.3, the leaderboards moved into Diablo 4 and with them the “Gauntlets”. In the “Gauntlet” (in German: gauntlet, also: test) you can compete with other players in a weekly changing dungeon.

What matters most in the test is your strategy, because: You only have 8 minutes to collect points in the dungeon. The layout of the dungeon is always the same for the week, as are the spawn locations of the monsters and chests.

On Reddit on March 6th, user “yxalitis” wrote in his post that he was confused because: The Gauntlet is actually good, serves its purpose and is what it is supposed to be: a competitive leaderboard. However, others don't see it that way and write on Reddit: The Gauntlet is “pure garbage.”

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“The Gauntlet serves its purpose”

What are the players discussing? In his post on Reddit on March 6th, user “yxalitis” wrote that he liked the Gauntlet. It is a content for a specific activity to compete with the best players in the game.

Specifically, he writes in his post:

Equipment helps, of course, but the top players all have similar equipment, so strategy and tactics are what differentiate similarly equipped players.

You can also challenge yourself: how many points can you achieve even if you never reach the top? This is it, this is all it was ever meant to be.

Yes, very few players will ever reach the top, but show me a tier list for any game where that wasn't the case. People who play a lot more than others naturally achieve higher scores. (…)

I like it, it serves its purpose. It was never intended for farming gear, so it doesn't feel mandatory. If there was a significant reward, people would complain that the system is only for “no-lifers.”

One user comments on the post that people don't seem to be “just accepting the Gauntlet for what it is: a competitive leaderboard.” In one comment, someone writes: “The only problem with the Gauntlet is that there is no endgame system that people are desperately waiting for. It is just (…) a (nuanced) ranking, and nothing more.”

“yxalitis” responds with: “That’s exactly what it was always meant to be.”

“I like Diablo 4, but this Gauntlet is boring”

This is what the other side says: In another post on Reddit on March 6th, user “BeautifulIcy7636” wrote that the Gauntlet is “pure garbage.” He spent 9 hours on the test and made it into the top 50 with his barbarian.

The Gauntlet, in his opinion, is a weekly rotating nightmare dungeon of a dungeon that has been done hundreds of times, “with the worst mob density, elite packs and boss layout” he has ever seen in a game.

He's also bothered by the fact that the loot isn't worth it, and the leaderboards have been moved “three times just so they're nightmare dungeons with a timer. This is honestly pathetic.”

In the comments, one user writes: “The 'cursed chest' (in dungeons) that spawns tougher enemies with each wave is more fun than that.” One user comments: “I really like Diablo 4, but this Gauntlet is very boring and a very poor attempt to make the game more interesting.”

As with a lot of content, the Diablo 4 community doesn't seem to agree. It remains to be seen how the mood regarding the Gauntlet will change in the coming weeks. The challenges end each week on Tuesday before the next trial begins in a new dungeon.

If you are still looking for a suitable route for your passage in the Gauntlet, we have a tip for you: Diablo 4 only just has leaderboards, experts are already showing the best route

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