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Diablo 4 players reveal their strategies for solo material farming



Farming materials in Diablo 4 can be a mission, and it can be even worse if you try to do it solo. However, it is possible and players have shared some tips.

Materials in Diablo 4 are a kind of reward for upgrading and crafting equipment. So there really isn't a time when you won't need it. Most materials can be farmed anywhere in the world, but some, like Diffuse Prism, are a little harder to find.

These boss-only materials can be really difficult to obtain for solo players. Indeed, players have already recognized the difficulty of farming when playing alone.

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Diablo 4 players share tips to make solo farming easier

On Reddit, player k00ba83 raised the subject. He posted: “ It seems that getting the materials is a tedious task when playing solo. “Living Steel from Hellwaves to get Grigoire's Agony Fragments, then a few runs to the Whispering Tree to get all the materials to summon Varshan to get Mucus Sticky Eggs, to be able to summon Duriel for a (mostly) worthless reward? »

The original poster seemed to be struggling and asked others if they had any advice. Luckily, the Diablo 4 community had answers to make solo players' lives a little easier.

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Farm Infernal Waves for the first 20 minutes of each hour to get Living Steel – then farm Whispers for the next 40 minutes until the next Infernal Tide. “, explained a player.

Another gave support to solo players: “ That’s a lot of traveling that groups don’t have to do. It sucks. It's still tedious in single player, which is a big problem in my opinion. They made it so easy for groups even though there are almost no social features in the game “.

He then explained his process. Essentially, you need to complete all Living Steel chests as quickly as possible in Hellwaves. Then, quickly go to the Whispers for the rest of Hell Tide and wait for new Living Steel chests to appear. Once finished, kill Varshan and Grigoire, kill Duriel, then repeat the process.

At the moment, there are no plans to simplify the farming of materials in Diablo 4. However, tips exist to make it easier for solo players as the Diablo 4 community has demonstrated.

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