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Diablo 4 players want beloved D3 mode to return in Season 4



Following the launch of Season 3, Diablo 4 players proposed various adjustments, including the return of a Diablo 3 mode left aside after Season 2.

Diablo 4 Season 3 may not have started in the most ideal way possible, however, Blizzard has attempted to correct the issues noted by players.

Season 2 has been considered the best season of Diablo 4 by many. Even today, players miss the Harvest of Blood and the Slaughterhouse of Zir (AoZ).

Diablo 4 players want the return of Zir's Slaughterhouse Greater Rifts

Reddit user datpuz posted about this on Reddit. He urged devs not to “ abandon Greater Rifts/AoZ game mode » in Diablo 4. He continued: “ Progression through Greater Rifts is a form of competitive PvE not offered by any other game of the genre “.

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For context, Greater Rifts are roughly the Diablo 3 version of Zir's Slaughterhouse, introduced in Season 2. They were the most important endgame activities in their respective games. After the announcement of the Leaderboards in Season 3, players would like to target these events rather than the Tournament to see their names at the top of the list.

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Please Bring Him Back (in Diablo 4) “, said the author of the post about the Zir Slaughterhouse and the Upper Rifts. Other players were also of the same opinion, with one saying: “ I LOVED the rift grind in D3 “. Some players have added that Greater Rifts “ brought the game to life since you can join other people with matchmaking ».

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Many wonder why Blizz doesn't just add AoZ back into Diablo 4. Others, however, believe that Greater Rifts are ” 10 times better » than what they currently have in the game.

Blizzard has not yet provided any concrete information on this matter. However, note that during the last Campfire Chat on February 29, the developers suggested waiting for Diablo 4 Season 4 Player Test Realm updates when asked about the Slaughterhouse Zir.

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