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Diablo IV buggy patch weighs over 18 billion GB



Diablo IV constantly receives updates with balance and improvements, but one player was awarded a very special patch when he opened the game's launcher on PC. An update with 18,446,744,041.12 GB appeared to be downloaded, preventing him from getting in on the action.

To prove what happened, “ImNewHere76” shared a photo of his PC screen with other players on Reddit. See below:

Is this a game patch or am I downloading reality itself
byu/ImNewHere76 indiablo4

Is it a game patch or am I downloading reality itself?

In the comments, the Diablo IV community obviously started making fun of the situation. “You, sir, are lowering the cow’s secret level,” joked Thebarakz21. Already Structure Mageanother internet user present in the discussion, said: “you found the survival game that was hidden”.

The victim of this 18 billion GB patch did not say how he got around the situation, and since no further comments were made, he must have found a solution. In any case, this was one of his days of fame and the publication was trending on the chat forum.

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