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Diablo IV is finally coming to Game Pass




Today a new official Xbox podcast was held in which quite interesting data has come to light, mainly revealing that four video games that were thought to be exclusive to the brand will end up on more platforms in the industry. On the other hand, they also commented that finally the purchase of Activision Blizzard will be starting to bear fruit, and the first game that will benefit from that is neither more nor less than Diablo IV.

That's right, this RPG-type game will be coming to the service Game Pass in the coming days, this was confirmed to us in an interview by Matt Booty, the company's president of studies and content. Announcing that he is very excited about what is coming in relation to the publisher they recently acquired. And they have not only taken Devil on the package, but also other big brands like Warcraft, Overwatchamong others that will gradually be added to this service.

As for the release date, it will be 28th March when users will be able to play it, whether on PC or consoles.

Here what he said:

And that's why I'm excited to announce, with the partnership we had with Activision Blizzard King, that Activision and Blizzard games will be coming to Game Pass starting with Diablo IV on March 28, which I'm very, very excited to share today.

This will be the first step towards the new union with Activision Blizzard. Although it is not really known if Call of Duty may suffer from this same fate, given that copies of this franchise usually sell very well during their first months. So, it wouldn't be surprising if for half a year they keep selling it for the usual $70 and once the hype has passed they would add it to the service. Game Pass.

Remember that Diablo IV is also available in PS4 and Ps5.

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Editor's note: It was time they finally started adding Activision Blizzard games to the service. I hope they release Crash 4 soon so I can start playing it, they say it is one of the best installments of the franchise.

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