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Diablo IV rotating event will be released next week



Blizzard has shared big news about the next Diablo IV update. Scheduled to arrive on March 5th, the update will introduce an additional dungeon aimed at Sanctuary's most powerful heroes.

According to the developers, “Desafio” consists of a timed dungeon crawler experience. For eight minutes, players will face opponents level 100 or higher and must exit the dungeon with as much treasure as possible.

The Challenge will have a fixed layout and will change weekly. The more Trials of Power players complete, the more valuable resources will be within their reach. Additionally, they are based on overall score, which can be boosted by multipliers, actions, using Altars and fighting bosses.

diablo ivdiablo iv
Source: Blizzard

Special rewards in Diablo IV and ranking badges

Diablo IV's rotating event ends weekly at 1pm every Tuesday, kicking off a map with a completely different setup. The mode only available on difficulty IV or higher also includes Seals for score ranking and cumulative treasures.

This means that earning a Treasure of Trials not only guarantees an Ancestral Legendary and power level 925 items guaranteed, but all rewards related to the inferior seal. Therefore, achieving the Worthy badge should be the goal of all Challenge participants.

Dying in the dungeon results in the instant loss of a third of your score. However, you and your friend can return to the last place you were to recover all Proofs of Power.

diablo ivdiablo iv
Source: Blizzard

Diablo IV is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC.

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