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New competition for Diablo 4 on Steam is a hit even before it's released – but that's worrying some players



Last Epoch is a new action RPG on Steam that wants to compete with Diablo 4. It has been in early access since 2019 and is scheduled to release later this month. Even before the release, the developers are celebrating one million units sold with the community.

What game is it about? Last Epoch is a new action RPG that puts its own time travel twist on the genre. Together with Path of Exile and Torchlight, it is probably one of the best alternatives to Diablo 4.

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Last Epoch: Everything about the release, classes and prices

by Christos Tsogos

Last Epoch has been in Early Access since 2019 and was able to secure a rating of 85% on Steam during this time. The final release is coming on February 21, 2024. But the game can already celebrate a special milestone.

Last Epoch: The ARPG shows classes, battles and challenges in the launch trailer

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Players hope Last Epoch takes precautions for its success

What milestone did Last Epoch reach? On February 9, 2024, the developers celebrated in the game's official forum that Last Epoch had already sold 1 million copies before version 1.0 was released.

In a text, the team thanks all players who tested Last Epoch in Early Access, explored theories, reported bugs, shared their experiences and had fun with it. They want to take the time between the hard work on the release to share this achievement with the community.

The players in question respond with congratulations. We have compiled some of the reactions for you here:

  • Irrelevant is optimistic: “At least we know (Last Epoch) is keeping an eye on the numbers so we can get enough server power to cover the initial hype.”
  • TheRealKraggy says: “A truly deserved milestone for an example of the best in early access development, a game that deserves to be even better.”
  • DrGameDOOM is more concerned: “I hope your servers can handle this because I have a bit of a bad feeling that this might be a Wolcen 2.0. So please make sure your servers are ready for this.”

Apparently some players fear that Last Epoch could face a similar fate to the ARPG Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem. It was released in February 2020 and stormed the Steam charts with up to 127,500 simultaneous players. But it struggled with problems right from the start and by March 95% of the players were gone.

This milestone of one million units sold should bring Last Epoch one step closer to its stated goal. Because as game director Judd Cobbler recently announced in a press release, the new Hack & Slay doesn't just want to disappear into obscurity: Steam: Last Epoch wants to be an “action RPG for eternity”.

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