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Super rare Diablo IV bow “is rubbish”, says player



Diablo IV has a multitude of very rare items that are coveted by a large part of the community. However, apparently not all of them are worth the effort of investing hours and hours in the search. A player obtained a bow with a very low drop chance in the RPG and said that the item “is rubbish”.

According to him, the Eaglehorn has interesting stats, but it is only possible to exploit its maximum damage capacity if the player knows how to activate a type of glitch during gameplay — which works by switching from a short-range weapon to the bow in question.

Just wanted to show my 1 in 25 million Eaglehorn bow
byu/Koud_biertje indiablo4

It all depends on your skill level with bows in Diablo IV as well. If the player activates the Puncture effect, the class' equipment can deliver a 5x multiplier to the damage caused. Not to mention that the equipment, with its drop chance of 1 in 175 thousand, has improved dexterity multipliers.

It was clear why he was so sought after in Diablo IV, right? But the fact that the owner of the item said it was “crap” in the comments even discouraged other members of the community from going after Eaglehorn.

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