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Vampiric Powers are new in the Diablo IV patch



It's not TBT day yet, but Activision wants to remind Diablo IV players that they already had vampiric powers in the RPG. As part of the new RPG update, select skills will reappear in the current Season of Constructs.

Activision will place these skills as part of Legendary Aspects and make them available on all difficulties. They will work in both the Eternal Realm and the Seasonal Realm. The advantages will be as follows:

  • From the Cursed Touch
    • Lucky Strike: up to 20-35% chance to apply Vampiric Curse to enemies. Enemies affected by the Vampire Curse are also vulnerable.
    • Vampiric Curse stored souls deal 20-50% more damage.
  • From Metamorphosis
    • When Evading, you become a cloud of bats, becoming relentless for 2.5 seconds. Enemies in your path take physical damage and are afflicted by Vampiric Curse.
    • Evade's cooldown is increased by 5-10 sec.
  • From Blood Boil
    • When your main abilities deal a Brutal Blow to an enemy, you generate 3 Drops of Volatile Blood. When collected, the Volatile Blood Drop explodes, causing physical damage to its surroundings.
    • Every 20 seconds, your next ability is always a Brutal Blow.
  • Unrest
    • For every 5 basic skills you cast, one of your active cooldowns is reduced by 2-4 seconds.
  • Undying
    • Casting skills heals 0.5-2% of your health. This heals you for 1% more health while you have less than 50% health.
  • From the Rising of the Moon
    • Damaging an enemy with a basic ability grants you 4% attack speed for 10 sec, stacking up to 5 times. When you reach maximum stack, you enter the state of Vampiric Rage, gaining 40-80% base ability damage and 15% movement speed for 10 sec.

So, do you intend to show off your new powers in Diablo IV or do you already have another more interesting build at the moment?

Diablo IV bugs that will be fixed

The addition of vampire abilities in the current season of Diablo IV was accompanied by a bunch of bug fixes in the RPG. Here's what Activision fixed:

  • An issue that caused the Seneschal to gain double the benefit from abilities that benefit allies, such as the Barbarian's Battlecry or the Druid's Blood Howl.
  • An issue that caused an attack that swaps melee for crossbow to double the bonuses of Renegade's Precision and Weapon Master passives.
  • An issue that prevented interaction while mounted with interactable objects associated with various missions, such as Lyndon's Stock during the Wanton Expense mission.
  • An issue prevented the camera from resetting if the player died during the confrontation with Echo of Lilith while the camera was zoomed out.
  • An issue that prevented the Inexorable Aspect from applying armor while the player was mounted.
  • An issue that resulted in the guaranteed Brutal Strike granted by the Druid's Perfected Pulverize not being applied immediately after acquiring 12 stacks.
  • An issue that based the Necromancer's Skeleton Reapers' chance of creating a corpse on Luck instead of a fixed percentage.
  • An issue that prevented Bone Shards cast from the Shattered Spirit Aspect from receiving the vulnerable effect granted by the Initiate's Bone Shards.
  • An issue that resulted in spikes not consistently delivering Lucky Strike. (E.g. Thorns could activate Disgusting Decrepit, but not Severed Flesh.)
  • An issue that prevented the Cult Leader's Legendary Node of Excellence from granting bonus damage based on the bonus minion's attack speed.
  • An issue that prevented Rotten Aspect from spawning extra corpses.
  • An issue that prevented the effects of Frigid Fate's Legendary Excellence and Aspect of the Elemental Mage's Elemental Summoner from working correctly.
  • An issue that prevented the passive Glowing Surge from granting the correct amount of mana regeneration.
  • An issue that caused the Improved Caltrops damage bonus to be applied more often than it should be when stacking multiple Caltrops casts on the same enemy.
  • An issue that caused Improved Caltrops to deal less damage to bosses than they should.
  • An issue with several Legendary Aspects that caused equipping duplicate Aspects to always apply the effect of the first one equipped, ignoring the rule of only applying the strong Aspect.
  • An issue where unlearning Mastery of Vyr with the Aspect of the Wizardlord equipped caused the Mastery of Vyr effect to remain active.
  • An issue that caused a power that granted a bonus stat based on another stat to not reset after the temporary bonus expired.

The balance changes can be seen on the official Diablo IV website. What did you think of all these changes?

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