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DICE Awards: Elden Ring took the GOTY and God of War Ragnarok was the most awarded

The twenty-sixth DICE Awards gala has had two clear winners in this year’s edition: Elden Ring and God of War: Ragnarok, who took most of the important prizes of the event. Specifically, FromSoftware’s RPG won the most precious trophy, Game of the Year, while Santa Monica Studio’s adventure was the most awarded at Resorts World Las Vegas. A total of 61 games were nominated for The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences DICE Awards.

Specific, Elden Ring got the Game of the Year, award for RPG of the yearto technical achievements, in desEsports Extrasand direction. God of War: Ragnarok won the award for adventure of the year, achievement in animationart direction, character award, original music, audio desEsports Extrasand its story.

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Other notable winners were Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker as online game of the year, Marvel Snap for Mobile Game of the Year, tunic for indie game of the year, Red Matter 2 for Immersive Reality Game of the Year, Dwarf Fortress for strategy or simulation game of the year, OlliOlli World like sports game, Gran Turismo 7 like driving game, MultiVersus like fighting game and Vampire Survivors the action game of the year. You can check all the nominees and winners on the website.

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Featured creator Tim Schafer of Double Fine Productions

AIAS also paid tribute to Tom Schafer, Double Fine Productions legend and his 30+ years of contribution to the video game industry. His former colleague Greg Rice, now at Sony, inducted Schafer into the Academy Hall of Fame.