Did you want more Dragon’s Dogma 2? Capcom dates the next trailer for this RPG | Top News

did you want more dragon's dogma 2? capcom dates the

Tom Henry

Did you want more Dragon’s Dogma 2? Capcom dates the next trailer for this RPG | Top News

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It seems like yesterday, but it’s been two weeks since we saw the incredible Dragon’s Dogma 2. Hideaki Itsuno returns to action RPGs with a bet that promises to be even bigger than his previous game. If the new project of the *text muted* may cry boss It’s got you on your toes, don’t worry, Capcom wants you to see it again very soon!

And it is that after the success of *text muted* May Cry V, there was no way for the Japanese firm to say no to one of the directors of action games with more talent of the industry. Yes, the gameplay trailer with which the game was presented left no doubt that we were facing what could be a bombshell, but it was brief.

At only a minute and a half long, the bar is high, but it’s not enough to show the full potential of this title. Now, Capcom wants you to know that it will be present in his conference this non-E3which will take place next Tuesday at midnight.

Announced two days ago, Capcom Showcase 2023 It already has a date, and today we already know some of the video games that we will see during the presentation. As expected, Exoprimal will be there, as its launch is scheduled for next month. In addition to this, Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, the remastering of one of the most loved games of the Nintendo DS, also has a guaranteed presence. Last but not least, Capcom has confirmed that we will see more Dragon’s Dogma 2 during the conference.

At roughly 36 minutes long and only 3 confirmed games, the rest is left to our imaginations. And you, what do you expect to see? Personally, and in a completely utopian way, a new Ace Attorney would be the best gift that the Japanese company could give me, although I wouldn’t be averse to it either. a Resident Evil 9. It’s time to wait for the

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