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Discord is affecting the performance of NVIDIA GPUs, here is the solution

A recent recent Discord update introduced a bug that affects and drops memory clocks up to 200 MHz on some Nvidia models, including the RTX 3080 and RTX 3060 Ti. NVIDIA says that it is working on a fix.

Reddit users and the Linus Tech Tips forum caught the bug, and NVIDIA was quick to acknowledge the issue and offered a workaround. If you notice your memory clocks dropping as low as 200 MHz, you can download a GeForce 3D profile manager and apply a fix sooner.


Full details are available in an Nvidia support article, but if you’re willing to wait, Nvidia says a fix will be pushed to user PCs. “via an over-the-air update at a later date”.

Discord recently began rolling out an update that enables AV1 streaming with GeForce RTX 40 series cards. This update seems to have introduced memory clock issues to some RTX 30 series cards, but Reddit users with cards from the RTX 40 series have not experienced anything.

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The Discord update began rolling out last week, allowing RTX 40-series owners to stream with AV1 at up to 4K and 60fps with Discord Nitro at 8Mbps. Discord users who do not have a GPU capable of decoding AV1 they will see an H.264 stream, as Discord uses P2P streaming and will automatically switch to H.264 so that everyone watching your stream can see it.

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To fix this problem, follow the steps below:


1. Click here to download the NVIDIA GeForce 3D Profile Manager program.

2. Open the GeForce 3D Profile Manager.

3. Click the Export SLI Profiles button.


4. A file explorer window will appear. Select a location to export and save the NVIDIA Profiles text file.

5. Open the text file saved in step 4 with Notepad (or any program that does not automatically apply formatting).

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6. Do a search for the “Discord” section. Add a new line and type the following text as shown in the following screenshot:

Configuration ID_0x50166c5e = 0x00000000

Discord is affecting the performance of NVIDIA GPUs, here is the solution2

7. Save the edited NVIDIA profiles as a txt file.


8. Return to the GeForce 3D Profile Manager and click the Import SLI Profiles button.

9. A file explorer window will appear. Select the updated “NVIDIA Profiles.txt” file and then click the Open button.

10. Once complete, you can close the GeForce 3D Profile Manager application.