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Disney Speedstorm Early Access Release Date Announced

The Disney Speedstorm kart-racer will launch on April 18 in three separate premium versions, each with different additional content. The game is scheduled to be released as a free title at a later date.

Announced last February and originally scheduled to release in 2022 before a delay, the combat racing game pits Disney and Pixar heroes and villains against each other on race tracks inspired by the movies in which they appear.


An incredible lineup of Disney and Pixar racers are geared up and revved up for racing combat. Each racer has a unique ability at their disposal. Whether you use Mulan’s “Fireworks Barrage” to send the competition flying or Sulley’s “Dire Roar” to scare them off the track, there are a wide range of unique abilities to master.

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Founder’s Packs, available in Standard, Deluxe and Ultimate levels, give players early access to Disney Speedstorm along with opportunities to unlock and race select characters in local races from the moment they first log in. Racers that have been unlocked through a Founder’s Pack can also be upgraded by using various items included in each pack, for local and online play.


During its early access phase, Disney Speedstorm will offer local and online single and multiplayer modes, leaderboards, an in-game store, and much more. In single player mode, players will be guided through the Season Tour narrative, which also serves as a starting point to progress through each season’s story.

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Each season offers new Disney and Pixar characters, karts, tracks and more through local and online play, giving racers plenty to get excited about in the months to come. The most competitive players can jump into Disney Speedstorm’s multiplayer modes, including Local Freeplay, Private Track, Ranked Multiplayer with leaderboards, and Regulated Multiplayer, a career mode that allows players to compete head-to-head on a level playing field.

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