Disney: the cast of Hercules is becoming clearer, and everyone is already raging

disney: the cast of hercules is becoming clearer, and everyone

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Disney: the cast of Hercules is becoming clearer, and everyone is already raging

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Disney is now obsessed with the idea of ​​adapting all its cartoons into live-action films. Although the results are uneven, the firm seems to have unveiled the cast of the long-awaited Hercules.

The adaptations in real shots are not all successful at Disney. There is a chasm between Maleficent And The Lion King, probably due to a lack of stylistic and narrative coherence. In this long list, Hercules will soon appear. It is an adaptation of the famous 1997 cartoon, itself freely inspired by the Labors of Heracles.

Hercules announces his Disney casting

Insider MyTimeToShineHello, always knowledgeable about Disney/Marvel news, shared an intriguing tweet. According to him, Taron Egerton would be considered for the role of Hercules, and Ariana Grande for that of Megara. This isn’t the first time Grande has been associated with this character. In 2020, a similar rumor was circulating. At that time, we could discover a video of the singer performing “I Won’t Say I’m In Love”, sung by Megara in the original film. Everything seems to overlap. If Ariana Grande is world famous, Taron Egerton is mainly recognized for her leading role in the saga Kingsman. What to expect with Hercules ? Rumors suggest that the film could be a musical influenced by TikTok trends. This orientation divides. The target audience seems to be teenagers, which could potentially disappoint historical Disney fans.

A multi-year program but…

Disney has many live-action movie projects in the works, like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, lilo and stitch, Moana And Baby. However, despite this proliferation, Bob Iger insists on quality. Indeed, the company now aims to favor quality rather than quantity, while controlling costs. We can therefore hope for a pleasant surprise with this new Hercules, but disappointment is also possible. Who can forget the disappointing adaptation of Peter Pan on Disney+?

Each adaptation is a delicate balance between innovation and respect for the original. Maleficent, for example, took a bold approach by exploring the story from the villain’s perspective, providing a fresh perspective. On the other hand, The Lion King has been criticized for resembling the original too much, leaving little room for creativity. The choice of cast is also crucial. It should reflect not only the character, but also the era. Ariana Grande and Taron Egerton’s announcement shows that Disney is looking to appeal to a young and “hip” audience. But this strategy has its risks. By trying to please everyone, Disney may end up satisfying no one. Purists might feel betrayed, while new viewers might not relate to the story. Especially if the rumor on TikTok is true…

For your part, what do you think of the casting of this new Disney?

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