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Disney +: this much-loved series is finally coming back and it promises!

disney +: this much loved series is finally coming back and

Disney+ is set to delight fans with a new season of its popular Marvel Studios series, which brings some good news. Especially for the holidays.


The long-awaited second season of What If on Disney+ is finally revealed, with a trailer and a special Christmas release schedule. Excellent news for fans of the series. The promise of a good holiday?

Disney+ unveils the trailer for What if Season 2

Under the production of Kevin Feige, What If revisits key moments from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, opening the door to a multiverse of possibilities. The success of the first season in 2021 has left fans waiting for new storylines. We can imagine it and indeed…

For the end-of-year holidays, Marvel is offering festive programming with the release of a new episode every day, from December 22 to 30, 2023, promising nine new adventures for spectators. An ideal program to liven up the holidays.


The newly revealed trailer is action-packed and brings back iconic characters, including Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch. Details of season 2 are still being kept under wraps, but the fans’ excitement is evident. Just take a look at the YouTube comments.

The Marvel community also expressed their excitement on social media. Some fans praised Marvel’s initiative to make this release a Christmas present. Others are looking back at the first season and already making assumptions about the possibilities.


A first season that feels good

In the first season, for example, we had What If… Zombies!?, where a virus turned the heroes and people of Earth into zombies, including characters like Captain America and Iron Man. Another notable episode was What If… Ultron Won?, exploring a universe where Ultron triumphs over the Avengers and seizes the Infinity Stones, threatening the entire multiverse.

Another very notable episode was What If… Thor Were an Only Child? Imagining a scenario where Loki was not adopted by Odin, Thor grew up as an only child, leading to a more carefree character and an Earth transformed into an intergalactic party venue.

For many, it is the best Marvel series on Disney+, thanks to the quality of its scenarios but also its animation. A show that dares what live series don’t do. Everything is indeed possible with What if. This is what the fans really like. In addition, it is not necessarily necessary to have followed the entire MCU to understand, even if it is an undeniable asset.

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