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Disney + would abandon the dubbing of the content to save costs

disney + would abandon the dubbing of the content to

It seems that Disney+ is desperate to improve her income, and according to the latest reports from Distarplusall its content It will arrive without being folded to save cost. These spending cuts would not only reach Disney+, but will also affect Disney’s other streaming service: Star+. As has always been the custom, the excuse for this cost reduction would be to improve the quality of its content.

It must be remembered that, among the company’s latest moves to improve revenue, a price increase has already been announced. On the other hand, the company is weighing can’t share passwordand now it comes to offer an output catalog completely in English.


Disney + would resort to dubbing in series or films that are successful


This will be the way to save money, and it is that if the company completes its plan, only They will only dub the movies and series that are successful. If not, it is clear that they will be released as original series where the translation will be limited only to the subtitles. This would also imply that even if a piece of content is popular, it is not translated into all languages. In this way, in important premieres that make their debut in all regions of the globe, all the content that the company releases It will only come in English. In this way, Disney+ would be forcing some users to pay for a service that does not offer content dubbed into their language.

This policy would be similar to the one offered by Crunchyroll. Crunchyroll is a platform focused on anime and manga where the vast majority of the content it offers it is in original version (VO), with subtitles. Although consuming subtitled content has become normal in these genres, it is clear that on a day-to-day basis, the vast majority of people do not want to watch a subtitled movie or series. And more when you pay from 8.99 euros per month (89.99 euros per year), compared to the 4.99 euros per month What does it cost to access Crunchyroll?

Would you still pay to see all the content only in English?

disney+ money

Price increases, account limitation, and the risk of seeing little content dubbed into your language. In essence, it seems that the streaming platforms, instead of becoming more competitive, what they are doing is encourage users to stop consuming this content.


We start with the fact that, depending on what you want to see, you will have to have one or the other platform. We have limitations when playing shared content, subscription plans have been worsened to force the user to purchase more advanced plans to access better viewing or sound quality, and now we have a new front, which is the dubbing of the content on Disney+.

That without going into the dubious quality of the content produced by the platforms. In this way, the user finally does not see profitable paying for streaming platforms and end up resorting to piracy to only consume a specific series or movie. years ago, for 15 euroyou could have various subscription services streaming at the same time. Today, only the Netflix Premium subscription already costs €17.99 per month.


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