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Division 2 Exotic Weapon Pays Tribute to Legendary Farm Spot – Do you know the story behind the Bullet King?

In The Division 2 there is a very special exotic machine gun that is not only reminiscent of a former elite boss, but also of a large farm exploit. MeinMMO takes a look back into The Division’s past and tells you the story of the legendary Loot King.

Who or what is Bullet King? In The Division, the predecessor of The Division 2, Bullet King was initially just the name of one of the many elite bosses in the open world. It only really became popular when a groundbreaking exploit made it the player’s favorite farm spot.

Thanks to the boss of the Rykers faction called “Bullet King”, an agent in The Division could quickly get superior weapons, Phoenix credits and, with luck, even high-end weapons.

You simply traveled to the “Autums Hope” safehouse and from there made a quick detour into the street to the left of it. The Rykers boss was already waiting there, and you just had to kill him. His guards, however, were spared. After that you fast travel back to the safehouse and meanwhile Bullet King spawned again. So the fun could start all over again.

Bullet King became a cult in The Division through an exploit.

In a way, Bullet King is The Division’s first Loot Cave, so to speak. His lucrative farm spot spread like wildfire in the community and players were happy to treat themselves to one or more audiences.

However, the exploit also messed up The Division’s crafting economy at the time. It took a good 5 days for Ubisoft to respond with a fix that eliminated all named bosses in the open world once they were defeated for the first time. This made it impossible to continue exploiting this exploit, and with it Bullet King. But by then, many players were already well equipped.

A loot legend was born: Bullet King’s royal influence stretched well beyond patch 1.0.2, however. The Rykers boss was already cult for the players and the ultimate “Loot King” about which legendary stories are told to this day.

In the weeks and months that followed, requests for a kind of memorial for him were repeatedly expressed in the community. Ubisoft eventually complied.

The Division pays tribute to Bullet King as a true legend

Honor where honor is due: In a later update, Bullet King got his memorial. First in The Division and later even in The Division 2.

Much like Destiny 2 once did with its famous loot cave, Ubisoft also put a keepsake on the Bullet King farm spot in The Division.

How a single cave in Destiny used to keep players busy for hundreds of hours

After the 1.2 update, observant agents spotted it on a semi-trailer truck, which is right on the corner where the former elite opponent was to be found. It features a gorgeous Bullet King graffiti in iridescent colors

The location quickly spread and players ran there to salute the king again.

Many agents saluted the Bullet King graffiti in The Division, like DANNYonPC

And its sequel, The Division 2, received further acknowledgment in Title Update 8, when the exotic LMG Bullet King, also named after the popular elite foe, entered the game.

Ubisoft provided the normal LMG IWI Negev with solid gold and wrapped a long ammo belt around it. Bullet Hell was born and only dropped from Rikers bosses.

The weapon’s exotic talents are also as unique in The Division 2 as their role model:

  • Bullet Hell almost never needs to be reloaded because their magazine mod is “a wondrous magazine of seemingly endless capacity.”
  • If you hit an enemy with 100 bullets, you automatically get ammo back. So you can allow yourself to hold on longer if something still wants to crawl away from the DPS monster.
  • In addition, the LMG offers a group buff that also gives your allies some ammunition. This is especially helpful when you’re playing with directives like “Ammo Shorter”.
  • Bullet King gets even better in conjunction with the Gunner Specialization, because of its optimal support for LMGs.

Finally, if you inspect the weapon, you can read a written tribute from Bullet Queen, Bullet King’s sister and the boss from one of the side missions in the Warlords of New York expansion.

Let’s have a toast to my brother. If he had [Waffe] used, he would never have run out of bullets.


The Bullet Hell exo in The Division 2.

How to get the Exotic LMG Kugelhell: With its strong advantages, everyone who plays The Division 2 also wants to have a bullet hell. And for Agents that already own them, the Exotic is built into at least one LMG build so you can just keep at it.

If you’re already level 40 and you’re still missing the exotic in your collection, then in our experience you have the best chance in the Tombs mission as a drop from the end boss. The drop chance is in every difficulty level, but the higher you select the difficulty level, the higher the chances are.

Players still use the Bullet King trick to this day

After the Farmspot exploit with Bullet King, players began to come up with theories about how The Division’s boss spawn mechanic worked and how it could be abused.

Ubisoft has not really removed the error from the game until today. You can still use this old trick when looting, for example in the skyscraper “The Summit” on each boss floor.

Division 2 summit header
The elevator takes you to floor 10 in the Summit.
  • Play your way up to floor 10 on the “Normal” difficulty level, for example. Then return to the lobby and change the difficulty to Legendary.
  • Then you start the floor again. As was the case with Bullet King, however, you only focus on the elite opponent and make sure that at least 1 or more NPCs remain alive.
  • Once the boss is dead, all you have to do is grab his top loot and return to the lobby.
  • As long as you let 1 NPC live, the respective floor remains as a checkpoint and you can farm the elite opponents there, who can also drop Exos, over and over again.

Did you already know the story of the Bullet King and how he inspired one of the best Exotics in The Division 2? And were you even there when players mercilessly farmed the Rykers boss? Let us know what your coolest memory of The Division is in the comments.

By the way, The Division 2 is currently on the rise again. Season 10 will bring more sets and Exotics to the game. In addition, the new content, which Ubisoft has also planned, could finally reveal a big secret of the cover shooter. You can find out here:


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