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Do you know where poker comes from?

Undoubtedly one of the most popular card games that you can find today in casinos, poker It has been changing and adapting the rules and variations that we know today after many years of changes since its invention and arrival in other countries. If you have ever been interested in knowing how this well-known card game has become known throughout the world, we are going to talk to you about its history and how it has changed over the years.


The origin of poker: the Persian game Âs Nas

Although it is not yet known with certainty what, exactly, the origin of pokermany agree that its origin is found in the Persian game dating from the 16th century known as Âs Nas, which would end up reaching Europe thanks to the merchants. One of the objectives that the players had to meet to win in this game was to make pairs or trios of cards, a feature similar to what we can find in current poker. However, the most reasonable resemblance is found in the fact that the player had to resort to deception in Âs Nas putting on the impassive face that today we popularly know as poker face.

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Variants of Âs Nas: the flusso and the bouillotte

Using the Persian game of which we spoke in the previous section as a base, in the same fifteenth century it also arose in Italy. the flussoalso known as brelan in France. Both were betting games that were popularized by the Arabs and that arrived in USA around the 16th century under the name of “first”. In this game, each of the players had three cards, with the three of a kind being the luckiest hand, followed by the pair and the flusthe name given to the hand with three cards of the same suit.

After adopting lanterns as an important part of the game in the regulations at the end of the 17th century, as well as betting, this game became one of the most popular in England and Germany from the year 1700. In those countries, the name was changed. name to poke and, after several changes, became the because in France, a game similar to bouillotte. From this French variant, the Americans readapted it to give rise to the poker we know today. This evolution of the game that we have described disproves the theory that the name of this game, “poker”, comes from the English word “poker”.

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The most popular poker variant: Texas Hold’em

Although it should be borne in mind that there are countless different versions and influences that have affected the official poker rules, one of the most prominent without a doubt is the variant texas hold’em, that appeared around 1925. This variant changes a part of the game and has caused a great sensation among the most fans of this game. In it texas holdem poker, two cards are dealt to each player instead of five, placing the remaining three face up on the table. it is then when players must resort to strategy to know whether to stay or go ahead using deception.

The popularity of this type of poker did nothing but grow, giving rise to a competitive scene in the seventies dedicated to texas hold’em where tournaments were held in Las Vegas, a place considered the mecca of casinos and gambling. This is how popular sporting events such as the World Series of Poker, the oldest poker tournament in the world that, to this day, remains more alive than ever, with live broadcasts to different parts of the world that have inspired thousands of players to sit down at a table and play against other professionals to get a fortune. Also highlight the European Poker Tour, poker tournament that is played in Europe, as well as the different online competitive poker events that are held much more frequently.

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poker It is recognized worldwide for being one of the most popular card games of all time. The way in which players must play tricks to win the pot has led to a type of experience that has kept many people hooked, to the point of wanting to play the game professionally. Today, thanks to the facilities that the Internet currently offers us, we will be able to enjoy the emotion and intensity of the games of poker with complete strangers through the online casinos, web portals in which their users can enjoy a wide variety of different games of chance.


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