Do you remember back then on MTV? Happy Tree Friends returns with a new TV episode!

do you remember back then on mtv? happy tree friends

Tom Henry

Do you remember back then on MTV? Happy Tree Friends returns with a new TV episode!

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The Crackpet Show and Happy Tree Friends are a perfect match.

Happy Tree Friends was an absolute phenomenon on MTV: an extremely cute cartoon at first glance, which transports a very special kind of humor through sudden outbursts of violence. If you get nostalgic just from the name, you can now look forward to it. Not only does the cartoon return with a whole new episode, but it also makes a video game debut that couldn’t be more fitting.

Happy Tree Friends is making a comeback, including as a chaotic-brutal game

Grandpa tells you something now: A good twenty years ago there was still linear television and in it this legendary music television station called MTV. Not only did music videos run on it (like on YouTube!), but also highly curious programs such as the ultra-brutal Celebrity Deathmatch with plasticine figures or cartoons.

Cartoons like Happy Tree Friends. This is definitely not aimed at children, because the really cute fellows always turn off each other’s lights within a very short time. What happens with such violent brutality that this contrast alone is enough for many fans to stop laughing.

They come back! Anyone who now remembers it with pleasant nostalgia shivers can rejoice: the cute little animals will return in September and will be treated to a completely new TV episode. But that’s not all, the best is yet to come.

Also as a game: Happy Tree Friends and The Crackpet Show join forces. The roguelite shooter for up to four players is perfect for this crossover. After all, the premise is almost the same, which is that you mow down tons of wacky animals in a wacky TV show.

This is what it looks like in combination and it just fits together perfectly:

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The Crackpet Show: Happy Tree Friends Edition is coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X and PC. The release is scheduled for September 27th, at the same time as the new TV episode. The normal version of the Crackpet Show already exists on the Switch and the PC. Those who already have it will get the Happy Tree Friends content as DLC.

Do you remember the Happy Tree Friends? Are you looking forward to it and what do you think of the Crackpet Show crossover?

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