Do you want to feel the magic of Dark Souls like that first time? With this mod you can, and I consider it essential if you are a fan | Top News

do you want to feel the magic of dark souls

Tom Henry

Do you want to feel the magic of Dark Souls like that first time? With this mod you can, and I consider it essential if you are a fan | Top News

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By now, Dark Souls has forged a community on PC to which very few video games can compare. Where there are players, there are, in effect, modders, and FromSoftware’s action RPG has been crowned as one of the kings of this scene. With so much to choose from, today I want to talk to you about my favorite mod for its first part: Dark Souls: Daughters of Ash, an impressive project that is worth keeping on your radar.

Although it is true that the game set in lordran It is not exactly in need of content, those of us who know it by heart often look for new and different ways to play it. Daughters of Ash is just that, a new campaEsports Extrasthat seeks to recapture the sensation of exploring this kingdom blindly by adding endless changes to the original title.

Daughters of Ash, an awesome mod

So, said nicely, it all sounds very good, but what does Daughters of Ash add and why, among all the similar projects out there, has it featured since launch? The answer is both in its content and in the way it has to change your experience. Far from being a rebalancing with mods and mods that focus on just make Dark Souls even more difficultWhat Daughters of Ash wants is to give you a new adventure.

The ambitious mod offers you a new route and story in Lordran, with changed or outright new events and key items that will lead you to take unexpected paths. In addition, you will also see new bosses, some modified but others new. Its developers, moreover, have not only wanted to make them more difficult, but rather they seek to give you a different experience than what you are used to. Among the new enemies, you will even find some that were discarded by From herself.

New faces and stories in Lordran

Of course, one of the most important novelties of Daughters of Ash is its new missions and stories for the NPCs. According to Grimrukh, the creator of this mod, you will not only have the quests you already know (which can change in unexpected ways, by the way), but you will find new inhabitants for these lands They will have their own plot to tell.

No huge Dark Souls mod would be complete without new weapons, items and mechanics, and here you will have so much extra content that it seems that you are facing an official expansion. Daughters of Ash not only gives you new gameplay options, but familiar items and weapons will have new effects and features. As if all this were not enough, there is also an initial gift that will change your game in very unexpected ways. Try it, I don’t want to spoil it for you!

Dark Souls Image

As you can see, Daughters of Ash brings changes and surprises from its first bars.

More lore and secrets, but with logic

Finally, the world of Lordran will be more mysterious than ever. Daughters of Ash takes the lore established by the FromSoftware team and expands on it using it as a base with lots of new descriptions. Also, if you want to unravel all its surprises, this mod fills the title with quite a few new secrets. Its creator, in fact, has a challenge for you: “Don’t count on revealing all the hidden content of the game in a single match.”

In general, it is very noticeable the mime that Grimrukh has put into his creation, and, as a Dark Souls fan, I am in awe of what he has built. If you want to install it, it’s very easy: just go to the Daughters of Ash Remastered NexusMods page, download the latest version of Daughters of Ash Installer and run the installer. Regardless of whether you play Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition or Remastered, this will install the mod without any hassle.

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