Doctor Strange: surprise! The hero is already back

Tom Henry

doctor strange: surprise! the hero is already back

If the Marvel universe is currently focusing on introducing a lot of new faces, old cult protagonists will also return to the front of the stage.

If there is a character who is very popular in the MCU it is indeed Doctor Strange, especially after the wonderful film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness which made a strong impression on fans because of its dark and violent side. And Disney is very aware of the potential of its Marvel hero, to the point that actor Benedict Cumberbatch is already teasing something.

A teaser for Doctor Strange

While we knew absolutely nothing about a potential return of Doctor Strange soon, his interpreter Benedict Cumberbatch gives crisp information. Indeed it is in an interview in England which the man hinted he would return in a new Marvel movie by 2024. It will be necessary to be content with this small declaration which is however full of promises:

Next year Marvel Adventures are in the works.

It remains to be seen how and in what form the character will return and especially in which film. For the moment Disney has not leaked any information on a potential feature film. Doctor Strange 3. We can therefore legitimately think that it is a presence in another Marvel film that focuses on another protagonist. For the moment we have in anticipation 3 Marvel films in 2024 namely:

  • Deadpool 3May 1, 2024
  • Captain America: Brave New WorldJuly 24, 2024
  • ThunderboltsDecember 18, 2024

The 3 choices are possible, especially when you know how ambitious the Deadpool 3 holds many surprises for fans.

The story of a cult character at Marvel

Doctor Strange is considered cult in the MCU for several reasons. Already he stands out from the crowd as he is a sorcerer and master of the mystical arts, thus introducing the element of magic and the mystical dimension in the films. Moreover the interpretation of Benedict Cumberbatch in the role of Doctor Strange was very appreciated. His charisma and his talent as an actor greatly contributed to his popularity. Finally, it is above all this character who integrates the principle of the Multiverse which has been exploited in the MCU for a few years (for better or for worse). It adds depth and complexity to the story, over metaphysical and philosophical concepts. In any case much more than a Thor who is generally content to make jokes between two blows of stormbreaker.

For your part, in which film would you like to find Doctor Strange and in what form?

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