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Does Sons of the Forest live up to its hype, do you think?

How do you like Sons of the Forest so far?

How do you like Sons of the Forest so far?

In addition to Hogwarts Legacy, Sons of the Forest is currently the game of the hour – even though it has not yet been finally released. At the end of last week, the successor to The Forest started Early Access on Steam and, due to the great rush to the release, caused the platform to briefly collapse.

But not only the hype is huge, the feedback from the fans – “very positive” with over 50,000 votes – on the survival game is quite impressive for developers Endnight Games and prompts one or the other to vote for “Game of the Year ” to speak.

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What is your first impression of Sons of the Forest?

Since a few days and a whole weekend have already passed since the release, we are very interested in how much fun you’ve had with Sons of the Forest:


What do you like, what bothers you?

Feel free to tell us how Sons of the Forrest currently manages to lure you in front of the PC screen in both single player and co-op. What does The Forest sequel do better than many other survival games?

However, since the game is still in the Early Access phase, there are certainly still some points that could be improved. We would therefore also be interested to know which adjustment screws the development team should adjust immediately or before the release. Feel free to write your pros and cons about the game in the comments.

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Why GamePro is covering Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest is a PC only game and has not yet been announced for consoles. We therefore occasionally read in the comments the question “why is GamePro reporting on a PC game? First of all, it should be said that GamePro has been picking up PC content that is of interest to the GamePro community for a number of years.

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Nowadays, many games are released for several platforms, which means that a strict separation no longer makes sense, since our readers are also interested in game content across platforms. With Sons of the Forest there is also the point that the predecessor was also released later for consoles, we expect a port here too and you as a console player will be informed about an important game at an early stage. But if you still need to speak here, feel free to ask us.