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Dokapon Kingdom: Connect guides your way to the West


Dokapon Kingdom: Connect guides your way to the West

Idea Factory International announces the arrival of Dokapon Kingdom: Connect to Nintendo Switch in the spring of this year and with a physical and digital release for North America and Europe. At the moment it is unknown what the price will be in euros, but the recommended price in US dollars will be 49.99 dollars (about 46.69 euros to change).

In the absence of knowing which USAstores will be where the game will be sold in its physical edition, Idea Factory’s online store already offers reservations for the American version of the game, pending the European one. With the purchase of a copy you will receive an exclusive letter.

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Long live capital!

The first thing you should know about Dokapon Kingdom: Connect is that here everyone loves money. One day, in what seemed to be a peaceful land, monsters appear out of nowhere and start attacking the cities. Faced with this catastrophic fact, the economy begins to collapse and the quality of life decreases to incredible levels, something that is worsened when, in the absence of money, citizens can no longer pay their taxes nor access all the benefits that this provides. All seems lost, but the king has a master plan and is willing to carry it out.

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According to the king, if he sends brave warriors to rescue the cities affected by the monsters, the citizens will be able to pay their taxes. To encourage things, he has promised that whoever collects the most will win the hand of his daughter, the princess, and the right to access the throne. What will happen? What mystery will there be? You can be like the Treasury!

dokapon kingdom

Key features:

  • The mix between RPG and board game are back after their original release on PlayStation 2 and Nintendo Wii. Spin the wheel and defeat whatever stands in your way!
  • Connect with your best friends and compete against them thanks to local online mode (for up to four players on the same console) or online
  • Five game modes and a big, big board where you can plan your dealings to win the money and the throne
  • 11 classes available for you to find your own style when it comes to punishing your enemies
  • Buy or steal items to use them to your advantage

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