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Donkey Kong and family present their new Lego sets

donkey kong and family present their new lego sets

We already knew that Donkey Kong would be joining Nintendo’s Lego collection, thanks to a brief teaser at the end of Mario’s presentation during MAr10 Day this year. However, the surprise has been huge, and now we are totally ‘gorillados’ with the new Lego sets that not only include DK, but also a good part of the kong family.

That’s how it is. Diddy Kong, Cranky Kong, Dixie Kong and Funky Kong they will have two separate sets of Lego pieces ready to go on adventures with Donkey, Mario, Bowser and the rest of the collection of Nintendo characters.


This new Lego Donkey Kong collection is yet another example of the Japanese company’s plans to continue with the “DK plan” on several fronts, with the new area in the park Super Mario World from Universal for next year and perhaps with a new more leading appearance in the cinema, now that Super Mario Bros.: The Movie is making history in animated cinema.

Donkey Kong and family present their new Lego setsDonkey Kong and family present their new Lego sets

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