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‘Dopamine Tunnel’: Diablo 4 fans celebrate XP dungeon that takes you from level 1 to 40 in 2 hours

'ich wollte sehen, wie schnell sie draufgehen': diablo 4 fans sind

Some Diablo 4 dungeons are true leveling wonders after patch 1.1.1.

With patch 1.1.1, Diablo 4 wanted to buff all classes and, above all, the too boring endgame and, among other things, increased the density of enemy mobs. Actually, this only becomes relevant from level 50 with the nightmare dungeons, but apparently it also has the unintended side effect of also changing some normal dungeons – for the better.

‘This is how it should always feel’: Diablo 4 fans love dungeon that gives ridiculous amounts of EXP

The new leveling wonder in Diablo 4 is the dungeon “Tunnel of Domhainne” in Scosglen. Even the Nightmare variant of this is great for leveling, but your characters must be level 50 before they can access it.


However, as fans have now discovered, the patch 1.1.1 mob density buff also affects the normal variant. That means you’ll meet a lot of opponents in the first dungeon rooms – and they’ll bring you so much EXP that you can climb from level 1 to level 40 within about 2 hours.

As YouTuber Raxxanterax explains, you simply have to constantly repeat the first rooms of the dungeon without completing it completely. You only have to interrupt here to complete the quest for your class specialization at level 15.


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Many fans find the method so easy and satisfying that the dungeon quickly earned the nickname “Dopamine Tunnel”.


Not just perfect for leveling

Even apart from the experience points, many fans are happy about the change in the dungeon. “This is how the game should always feel,” praises a fan on Reddit, who, with his hardcore character, loves the mix of fear and fast action since the buff.

And according to the wishes of the community, it shouldn’t stay with a dungeon either: “Blizzard, that’s your base value now. Everything less than [dieser Dungeon] is is damn slow.”

Many fans are just happy how much more fun the affected dungeons are now, while others fear that Blizzard will nerf here again in the future: “If they nerf this instead of making it the norm, I’ll stop again – as will probably everyone else that I know who have come back.”


What do you think of these buffs, have you tried them yourself?