Doublelift is suspended from NA LCS co-streaming

double lift It is being the protagonist in these last hours for different reasons. In addition to having been one of the main protagonists in the case before Reginald and TSM, the player is on everyone’s lips for other issues. In his last live broadcast, the former League of Legends player himself made unexpected news official for many of his followers.

The shooter now streamerhas made it official from RIOT they have suspended him from the co-streaming of the LCS NA. Although it will only be for this next week of play, a priori, the “punishment” comes for some statements that he himself made earlier this week.

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Doublelift punished for some hurtful comments

As we said before, the player already made some hurtful comments towards the NA LCS, in which he talked about the drop in viewers of the regional competition. «The audience is absolutely dying. It cannot be denied. Everybody knows. everyone can feel it«. The American player, who is known for not shutting up any of his thoughts, was also talking about a problem that occurred in the show match between Mr. Beast, Ninja and other great content creators on the scene.

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Even though some professional players like Bjergsen they were open to wanting to participate in this matchup (he was actually going to be on Mr. Beast’s team), the LCS NA itself prevented this from happening. Therefore, Doublelift did not remain silent in the face of these events. Own streamer commented on the lack of “idea” of the competition, that he was putting the stick in the wheel himself by not letting someone from your competition play in an event that was going to see so many new people.

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double lift thus making his problem official to be able to co-stream in this next day of LCS NA. «A couple of days ago, I was talking about how the LCS was so stupid for not letting Bjergsen play in the Mr. Beast tournament, and I think I said the words the LCS is dying.«. Therefore, he finds himself with two strikes already in the competition system. We’ll see how this whole thing turns out.

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