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Download the 4.0.0 update for Splatoon 3 today

download the 4.0.0 update for splatoon 3 today

Nintendo has released a huge patch of new content for Splatoon 3 today. update 4.0.0 incorporates a lot of new features into the game to expand the gaming experience in full color, with new scenarios (one of them from Splatoon 2), new weapons and a lot of accessories with which to customize our Inkling (or Octarian, depending on whatever you choose).

In addition to the new content, new multiplayer adjustments have been made, as well as bug fixes, all ready to start the game. scorching season 2023 starting Thursday, June 1. Below we leave you the main additions of the patch.


Splatoon 3 4.0.0 Patch Notes

Season changes and catalog

  • On June 1, 2023, data related to Scorching Season 2023 will be added to the game. This includes:
  • A new catalogue, including new equipment, titles, Splashtags, decorations, stickers and emotes.
  • A new battle arena: Barnacle & Dime.
  • A returning battle arena from the game Splatoon 2: Humpback Pump Track.
  • 2 new main weapons.
  • 9 new sets of existing primary weapons paired with different secondary and special weapons.
  • A new Salmon Run setting: Jammin’ Salmon Junction.
  • 11 new Tableturf battle cards.

Multiplayer Changes

  • Added 3 songs that play during battle.
  • Have been added new main weapons.
  • These weapons will be available in stores at the start of Scorching Season 2023: S-BLAST ’92 and Painbrush
  • New weapons have been added. These weapons will be available in stores at the start of Scorching Season 2023: Annaki Splattershot Nova, H-3 Nozzlenose D, Rapid Blaster Pro Deco, S-BLAST ’92, Big Swig Roller Express, Painbrush, Heavy Splatling Deco, Custom Dualie Squelchers , Light Tetra Dualies, Tenta Sorella Brella and Splatana Wiper Deco.

You can check the rest of the changes on the Nintendo America support page.