Download these 6 free games on Steam and you can play them whenever you want

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download these 6 free games on steam and you can

Steam releases 6 new video games completely free of charge so that its users can try them at no cost.

Download these 6 free games on Steam and you can play them whenever you want

During this weekend It has been possible to enjoy several free games on Steam that have been available to all users of the Valve platform. However, it is no longer available, so if you have missed the opportunity to enjoy them, you can play all free to play titles that are constantly being added, such as the 27 free games that recently joined the catalog. If you have already seen the list and none of it convinces you, now 6 other free games have been added that you can download now.

Jected – Rivals

Immerse yourself in this crazy mix of extreme sports, vehicle destruction and breakneck speeds in a tournament between 18 players. Only one can win! Master the unique ejection mechanics, take to the skies and leave your rivals in the dust. Race, stunt and blast your way to the podium through multiple different events, from deadly destruction derbies to breathtaking stunt races, high-flying jetwing races and acrobatic distance jumps. We have everything for budding acrobats to test their skills.

Download Jected – Rivals for FREE on Steam

Bloody War

bloody war

“Blood War” has many attractive game modes, with its unique optimization technique, such as Classic Competition, Casual Game, Adventure Mode, etc. Join together to find all the wild gears and weapons according to your preference, run through the storm of gunshots and projectiles. Exciting battles await you!

Download Blood War for FREE on Steam

Rich Teddy Adventure

Embark on an exciting adventure with “Rich Teddy Bear”, an action-packed platformer that combines elements of collecting, puzzle solving and intense robot battles. In this exciting world, you take on the role of a charismatic teddy bear on a quest to become the richest and most skilled adventurer in the game. Get ready to jump, run and climb your way through intricate and creatively designed platforming levels. The game features challenging obstacles and dynamic landscapes that will test your reflexes and agility. Use parkour moves to traverse the environment quickly and efficiently.

Download Rich Teddy Adventure for FREE on Steam


Discover the thrill of racing through the world’s most iconic locations right from your device! EarthKart combines the speed and excitement of kart racing with revolutionary Google Maps integration. Traverse the urban jungles of New York, glide along the Great Wall of China, or speed through the winding alleys of Marrakech. The entire Earth is your race track!

Download EarthKart for FREE on Steam

First Steps

first steps steam

Embark on an epic and immersive sci-fi themed multiplayer adventure like never before with our exciting Third Person Shooter! Gather your comrades and allies or take part in exciting competitions against them as you plunge headlong into the unfathomable abysses of the Arena of First Steps. Explore the vastness of our game’s meticulously designed universe, an amalgam of breathtaking landscapes and futuristic settings that will take your breath away. Within this captivating world, players can enjoy three distinct, action-packed game modes that satisfy all types of thrill seekers.

Download First Steps for FREE on Steam


Louma is a Roguelike Dungeon Crawler. He fights through the procedurally generated floors and saves the World of Louma. Evil never sleeps, it only wants one thing, its power back. Stop him and search the dungeon for artifacts. But be careful, it gets more dangerous the deeper you go. The World of Louma will be generated procedurally. Face enemies and find a way to reach your destination. Search for keys, artifacts and collect resources.

Download Louma for FREE on Steam

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