Download this free game on Steam that is available for a very limited time

Scarlet Nexus is the new free weekend game available on Steam, so you can play right away at no cost.

Download this free game on Steam that is available for a very limited time
Steam includes free games among its catalog that can be enjoyed over the weekend.

It had been a few weeks since Steam did not offer one of its most special promotions and most requested by all the players of the Valve platform: the free weekend games. It still does not offer great fanfare in this 2023, but during these days you will be able to enjoy a game at no cost, in addition to the great daily deals that can be found in the digital store, as is the case with this great adventure game that has just been launched and its price has already exploded. However, let’s go to what really matters this time: the free game available on Steam right now.

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We are talking about scarlet nexusthe incredible action RPG adventure from Bandai Namco, which was one of the great surprises of 2021 in the genre. The first thing to note in this regard is that you will not be able to add the title to your library forever of Steam video games, so You can only enjoy it until next January 30 for free. However, you can also enjoy an incredible offer on the title during this period, since it is for only 12.49 euros, which represents a 75% discount compared to its usual price.

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Download Scarlet Nexus FREE for PC

Scarlet Nexus, one of the most incredible Action RPGs of recent times

Scarlet Nexus Analysis

Yuito and Kasane are two vital pieces in the main story of Scarlet Nexus

The depth that Scarlet Nexus gives to its gameplay, plot, characters, and desEsports Extrasmakes it stand out. in what it does well for the mere fact of doing it very well, causing you to end up overlooking those most tedious moments or the drawbacks that the game has. Scarlet Nexus will delight fans of hack and slash action games, but also those looking for a deep story with endearing characters who are not just NPCs. Undoubtedly, we are before the beginning of a new IP that can still give much more of itself and that, already in its first game, it has been released with a title that borders on excellent”, we highlighted in the analysis of the game.

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Download Scarlet Nexus FREE for PC

So that, Do not miss the opportunity to play Scarlet Nexus right now for free. Also, we recommend that you watch this tutorial on how to download games faster on Steam so you can enjoy it as soon as possible.