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Dozens of PC games on sale with Steam: these are our highlights of their promotion

The platform slashes the price of metroidvania games, roguelikes, and more with its Festival of Perseverance.


Steam keeps giving us excuses to enjoy its wide range of video games. Not content with having a really successful Steam Deck, something that they intend to extend with the inclusion of more titles in their verified list, they continue to activate promotions that invite us to buy a large number of deliveries. After all, there are prices so low that it is impossible to acquire only one experience.

This is what happens with the event ‘to the dungeons‘, located within his Festival of Perseverance. With many offers in games roguelite, roguelike, metroidvania and Dark Souls style, the Steam team gives us several reasons to delve into the most inhospitable places in the video game. If you want to venture into such adventures, remember that the promotion will be active until the day May 9so we have to hurry if we want to get the loot.

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As you know, at Esports Extras we like to search through all the discounts related to video games (and who doesn’t?). For this reason, we have compiled some of the most interesting offers of this Festival of Perseverance.

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  • Aeterna Noctis for 20.99 euros (previously for 29.99 euros): starting with a Spanish-style game, the experience created by the Aeternum Game Studios team plunges us into a metroidvania where action and fantasy take place hand in a brutal show.
  • Castlevania Anniversary Collection for 3.99 euros (previously for 19.99 euros): if we talk about metroidvanias, the Castlevania saga is the maximum exponent. And it is that this genre drinks as much from the name of the franchise as from its particularities, where the 2D exploration and the combats against supernatural beings stand out.
  • Children of Morta for 7.69 euros (previously for 21.99 euros): fantasy is another of the great protagonists of this promotion, so we are not surprised to find RPG experiences in the style of Children of Morta. Lead this family of heroes and prevent corruption from taking over the world.
  • Dead Cells for 14.99 euros (previously for 24.99 euros): Motion Twin’s work falls in love with the sight thanks to its pixel-art style, but it has also fascinated roguelite lovers thanks to frenetic combat, incessant exploration and the possibility of improving our skills in each game.
  • Death’s Door for 11.99 euros (previously for 19.99 euros): under the wing of Devolver Digital, the Acid Nerve game managed to capture the interest of a good handful of players thanks to the context created around its little character. Because being a collector of dying souls is much better if we control a particular raven.
  • Hollow Knight for 5.99 euros (before 14.99 euros): we could almost leave this space unfilled, since the popularity achieved by Team Cherry is enough for many players to decide to undertake this adventure. But, to sum it up, Hollow Knight has become a fan favorite thanks to its metroidvania features, art style, and deep lore.
  • Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition for 38.99 euros (previously for 59.99 euros): the experience between yokais also has a space in the Steam promotion. After all, it presents a difficulty that will test the skills of any player.
  • Rogue Legacy 2 for 17.59 euros (previously for 21.99 euros): With a very recent release, the work of Cellar Door Games is rushing to be among the highlights of this Festival of Perseverance. And it is not for less, because its roguelike style adapts perfectly to this promotion.
  • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – GOTY Edition for 29.99 euros (previously for 59.99 euros): how could it be otherwise, From Software enters this event with one of its (many) challenging games. Something that leaves us with a 50% discount on this experience full of frenetic battles.
  • Slay the Spire for 8.39 euros (before 20.99 euros): a roguelike game, yes, but also an experience that introduces cards into the formula. This is the Mega Crit Games title, which gives us the opportunity to create a unique deck, find strange creatures, discover relics and kill The Needle.
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