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DPS in Overwatch 2: characters and everything you need to know to destroy all your enemies

The role of DPS in RPG games is the most widespread and one that all players learn first. Their responsibilities are relatively simple compared to tanks and supports: destroy everything in front of them so that the tank and support can do their job. Overwatch 2 is no exception, that’s why I’ll tell you what the DPS characters are and how to handle them to destroy your enemies.


DPS in Overwatch 2: search and destroy

The role of dps is to eliminate enemy players. The role is very easy to fulfill, although that does not mean that you do not have responsibilities or it is not complex. Within the role itself various functions depending on the hero you decide to choose. Before I start telling you everything you need to know, I present to you the cast of characters:

Overwatch dps

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What should a DPS do during matches?

To be an effective DPS you must meet three inescapable conditions:

  • meet the type of dps you choose and their position in the game.
  • Know what are the character skills and how to chain them.
  • To know prioritize which enemies to kill.
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Let’s start with the first point: types of DPS. exist 3 subcategories of DPS that include directly in the form of playing them:

  • Ninjas or Runners: Your place is behind/between the enemy ranks. They are fast, deadly and their function is to flank to annoy/distract enemies so that the team advances. Genji, Pharah, Reaper, Sombra, and Tracer fall into this subcategory.
  • Second line: your place is behind the tank and in front of the supports. They must take advantage of the tank’s cover to deal damage to enemies and draw their attention so the ninjas can do their job. Bastion, Echo, Junkrat, Mei, Sojourn, Soldier 76, Symmetra, and Torbjön fall into this subcategory.
  • shooters: their place is behind the third line of battle (support) and exceptionally they can be in the second line. Their weapons and abilities allow them to deal damage from much further away. Ashe, Cassidy, Hanzo, and Widowmaker fall into this subcategory.
Dps Overwatch 1

Within these subclasses there are more or less offensive heroes. For example: Genji Y Hanzō are more useful heroes on offense, while Symmetra, Torbjon Y Bastion they are more useful in defense.

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It doesn’t matter which DPS subcategory you choose. In any case, you must know perfectly the character’s weapons and abilities. If you meet the first two points, go to the most complex point of the DPS.

DPS must know how to prioritize

Certainly, the job of a DPS is to kill… but not in any way. There is a line of priorities that you must take into account depending on the subclass that you use:


  1. props: If you remove the ability to heal, the entire team will go down in no time. Ninjas (especially these) and marksmen should go for supports like a homing missile, even if it means dying. Depriving your opponent of healing will cause them to fall quickly.
  2. Tank– While the second line heroes wear down the tank’s shields and abilities, ninjas and marksmen (especially the latter) must be prepared to tear the tank apart alongside the second line heroes. If you are a ninja, be very careful when approaching the tanks because they will destroy you.
  3. DPS: Once you kill the support or the tank, the DPS will drop easily. They are the least valuable because a tank and a support can still work (albeit barely) without DPS, but DPS rarely works without the other two classes.
Overwatch 2 dps

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This line of priorities is indicative. DPS must follow instructions of the tanks and supports, who must point out which characters are being more annoying to kill them as soon as possible. They are usually the enemy ninjas.

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If you want to DPS, you have to hone your lethality and be willing to To receive orders from other players. If you are a veteran, help the other DPS to read the game to anticipate the enemy and that both tank and support have no problems.


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