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Dr Disrespect highlights the great difficulty of Apex Legends

There are content creators whose opinions never go unnoticed, either because of who they are or because of the opinion in question. Herschel Beahm «Dr Disrespect” It is one of them. Whenever Doc talks about a game, everyone tends to echo his words. Some days ago highlighted that the state of Warzone 2 is terrible and now revealed what the shooter hardest he’s ever played.


According to him, Apex Legends is the title that meets this description. the video game of Respawn Entertainment has become one of the battle royale most important of the moment. If to all the legends that exist and the different weapons that we find during our trip around the map we add the combat system, Apex Legends is a video game that would hook anyoneincluding Dr Disrespect himself.

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Dr Disrespect and the difficulty of Apex Legends

Although he found the game boring at first, over the last few weeks he has started playing it many more times. So much so that it has already reached the rank Master. Partly because of his dissatisfaction with Warzone 2.0the content creator has given Apex Legends a great chance and seems to be enjoying it a lot, although this does not mean that he is not suffering.

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«It’s a good game, but I think it’s the most difficult shooter I’ve ever playedThe Doc told all his viewers. This, of course, surprised many, especially since the content creator used to criticize many titles. Not only that, but she has decided to do a duo to try to reach the highest rank of the battle royale. However, he does not think it is easy to achieve a milestone of this caliber.

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We’ll see if he finally manages to reach such a rank and, more importantly, if he doesn’t tire of the game before he manages to reach that rank. predator.

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