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Dragon Age: Dreadwolf gameplay has been leaked online

A Dragon Age: Dreadwolf gameplay leaked online following recent rumors. The game is the next big BioWare game on the horizon and the return of one of the developer’s biggest franchises.

The developer’s latest game in the franchise, Dragon Age: Inquisition, released in 2014 and was a huge hit the moment it came out. After that, the studio briefly returned to Mass Effect with a rather rocky spin-off and tried its luck with a new IP called Anthem, which crashed and burned incredibly hard. Needless to say, BioWare is on a losing streak and needs a win. It’s been taking its time with Dragon Age: Dreadwolf and some new gameplay leaks suggest it’s shaping up pretty well.

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Reddit user revanchisto shared some details, screenshots, and images that you can see on Dragon Age: Dreadwolf’s ResetEra following a recent report that talked about some of the gameplay changes in this new post. The leaker corroborated claims that the game was more of a hack-and-slash type, noting that it was heavily inspired by 2018’s God of War.

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It’s much more attractive looking than previous entries in the series and one of the brief previews of the game shows an animation where the player performs some sort of dropkick-style attack on an enemy, suggesting that the animations are much more polished in this post. The leaker also noted that the player can parry/counter with the sword and shield, as well as jump.

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This is the most concrete thing we’ve seen from Dragon Age: Dreadwolf so far, as BioWare has largely stuck to talking very broadly about the world, story, and lore while showing off concept art. At this time, we have no idea when the developer plans to properly display the game, but maybe we’ll see more this summer around E3.

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