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Dragon Age: Dreadwolf would have a combat system similar to FF XV, according to reports

BioWare He is not going through his best moment. After some stumbles like those of Anthem either mass effect andromedathere are not a few players who question whether this veteran and important study has lost that magical touch with which they offered us authentic legends of the medium such as Baldur’s Gate, mass effect either Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

For this reason, the hopes of many of his fans are now placed in Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, the new installment of this role-playing and dark fantasy saga with which BioWare is expected to make its triumphant return to the big leagues of video games. Although his announcement took place in 2018, the truth is that, since then, the information that has been offered about him is very scarce and to this day we are still not very clear about what exactly we are going to find when he arrives at the stores.

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A very action-oriented combat system hack and slash

Now, the Insider Gaming website has published a report in which it ensures that, according to its sources (which they keep anonymous), it will have a very different combat system compared to previous installments. So much so that, if this information is true, battles will be more action oriented hack and slash and they will be similar to what is seen in final fantasy xv. What’s more, he also comments that we won’t be able to control our companions, so we can only give them orders to perform some specific skills at certain times.

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About its hypothetical release date, from Insider Gaming They comment that they would be surprised if it was released this yearsince its sources assure that the game is still missing many features and that the dialogue lines of the characters have not been finished being written.

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Regarding its structure, they have compared it with what was seen in destinyso we will have a social area where we can carry out business and from which we can travel to other territories using portals.

As we always say in these cases, We remind you that all this information has not been officially we will have to continue waiting to be able to confirm how much of what they advance us here has a real basis or not.


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