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Dragon Age Dreadwolf’s combat would be similar to that seen in Final Fantasy XV, a total declaration of intent | we are xbox

Bioware’s latest moves are disconcerting to say the least. There are not a few who want Electronic Arts to stop ruling over this prolific developer, who has done such a good job in the past. Now, the developer is involved in a few developments, and it is Dragon Age Dreadwolf who we have more information about. This is not saying much, since in reality there are more leaks and rumors than official information.


Bioware once again relies on its two most iconic franchises to gain the credibility of the players, especially its most veteran followers. Mass Effect has more press and is naturally media, unlike Dragon Age, which has been missing for a while. With only three installments, the fourth promises to be different in every way.

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The Dragon Age Dreadwolf combat would be a change of the many that will come for the saga

The change in the Dragon Age Dreadwolf combat would serve to confirm that the saga will never be the same

Final Fantasy XV was a big change, although this was not the beginning of that change, it was just a point of no return. The saga would never be the same again, and Final Fantasy XVI only reaffirms that truth. This detachment from the classic JRPG and the approach to Western RPGs is due to a market reading by Square Enix. Final Fantasy will never be the same again, and that’s the point.

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The information comes from Insider Gaming, which claims to receive true testimonies, keeping its source anonymous. What is said goes along the path taken by Bioware in recent years, trying to couple tasty game mechanics with big sales, and the rest of the ideas are joining the force. The Dragon Age Dreadwolf combat would be very different from that seen in the three installments of the saga.

The gameplay would put aside the slow development of RPGs to give way to rampant hack and slash. Its resemblance to Final Fantasy XV would be confirmed by seeing the combat wheel, identical in use to the one seen in the Square Enix game. Leaks and anonymous statements agree by pointing out that Dragon Age Dreadwolf’s combat and other parts of the game would be drastically changed to adapt to the modern vision envisioned by Electronic Arts and Bioware.


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