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Dragon Ball: a highly anticipated announcement from French fans

dragon ball: a highly anticipated announcement from french fans

Akira Toriyama’s cult manga, Dragon Ball, is back in France! Fans in France will be amazed by this highly anticipated new feature.

If today’s fans, who grew up with Goku, Awesome Turtle, Krillin and the host of unforgettable characters, do their job of passing it on, then Dragon Ball Mania should not die out anytime soon. Especially since projects are still being launched to ride on the success of one of the most cult licenses in pop culture. A splendid gift is coming in a few months for fans of the franchise who like to study it from every angle.


After 10 years of waiting, a huge Dragon Ball announcement

10 years is the time it took Dragon Ball to come back with a project that was until now intended for the Japanese market. In June 2013, fans of the archipelago were able to rediscover Goku’s first adventures in a color edition. Well, that’s it, France will be late since Glénat has announced availability with us for March 6, 2024 of the first two volumes of DB Full Color. “ [ANNONCE] We know you were waiting for it! The first two volumes of the Full Color edition of Dragon Ball will be available on March 6, 2024 ! See you soon to relive the adventures of Goku and his friends in color!! » (via X)

It’s not yet the total, but it’s already a good start, especially after this long wait. Manga addicts are relieved as evidenced by numerous reactions. “Team Day One”; “Come on, my birthday!” You delight Glénat Manga! On the other hand, if the edge can be changed to make it easier to navigate, that would be cool”; ” Thank you so much ! At the top Glénat as always »; “It’s clean, really looking forward to it” can we read on X. Some are still ironic about the fact that it is yet another edition of Dragon Ball. But when you love it, and it’s also cult, doesn’t that count?

Credits: Glénat Manga.

An estimated price and bonuses

What will count, however, is the price of this Dragon Ball Full Color version. On this, Glénat didn’t say a word, but some people made a little calculation. According to, each volume could cost €15, which therefore remains to be confirmed. These long-awaited works will be based on the Perfect Edition with correspondingly larger pages and the same translation. “The translation will be based on that of the Perfect Edition. But everything will obviously be reread” explains the editor.


As a bonus, to thank you for checking out again, you will have informative pages inside the Dragon Ball Full Color mangas, but not only that. There will also be a Quiz and a postcard in each volume. See you on March 6, 2024 for the return of DB… but in color! On the video game side, DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 4 is still planned for current generation consoles at an undetermined date.

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