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Dragon Ball: Broly is not the most unusual Saiyan, but a completely different character

Sorry Broly, there is another even more extraordinary Dragon Ball Saiyan - please don't get excited!

Sorry Broly, there is another even more extraordinary Dragon Ball Saiyan – please don’t get excited!

Warning, this article contains spoilers for Dragon Ball!

In Dragon Ball there are various figures and characters that outdo each other in every respect. On the one hand, of course, a lot revolves around strength, but not only. Here we focus on a very special rarity, a real outlier. And no, it’s not about the truly extraordinary Broly. Even if it is a Legendary Super Saiyan and therefore extremely rare.

Broly is a rare fighter, but that’s not enough

Broly is one of the strongest fighters in the entire Dragon Ball multiverse. That’s because we’re not dealing with a normal human or regular Saiyan here. No, Broly is what is called a Legendary Super Saiyan.

That means Broly is way stronger than everyone else, even without training. So it’s hard to imagine what’s in store for us when Broly can control his outbursts of anger and really starts training.

Author clarifies that Broly is the strongest fighter


Dragon Ball Z

Author clarifies that Broly is the strongest fighter

According to legend, such a Legendary Super Saiyan only occurs once every thousand years. Of course, this makes the greenish Saiyan with built-in berserker mode extremely rare and exceptional. But there is a Saiyan that is even more out of line and more unusual or less common.

The title of Most Unusual Dragon Ball Saiyan goes to…

…trunks! You read that right: You probably still know Trunks from the old Dragon Ball Z episodes. The fighter comes from the future and just like that doesn’t mean a thing to you, short work with Freeza. But what makes Trunks special isn’t his strength or time travel, no.

This is what Trunks looks like in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot.  Note the hair color, without any transformation!

This is what Trunks looks like in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. Note the hair color, without any transformation!

Trunk’s hair makes the difference: Hair color traditionally plays a big role in Dragon Ball. When a Saiyan transforms into a Super Saiyan, their hair turns yellow. Later there are transformations and power levels with blue, red or silver hair. But in the beginning and in the normal state, they all have black hair. Except Trunks.

When Trunks first shows up, Vegeta can’t believe he’s really meant to be a Saiyan. The fact that this cannot be is mainly determined by the hair color. After all, all Saiyajins have always had black hair. This is true even later, and also for half-Saiyajins like Gohan or in other areas of the multiverse, such as the Saiyans of Universe 6.

There’s even one more in Universe 6 with Kale other Legendary Super Saiyans besides Broly. Although these actually only occur every 1000 years, thanks to the multiverse, two can exist at the same time. But so far there hasn’t been another Saiyan with blue-purple hair in the normal standard form like Trunks has (via: ScreenRant).

Who do you think is cooler: Trunks, Broly or Kale?


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