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Dragon Ball Daima: You’re excited about the new anime, but one thing really bothers you

dragon ball daima: you're excited about the new anime, but

Muten-Roshi seems surprised. He probably didn’t expect so much anticipation.

Dragon Ball returns in fall 2024 with a new anime from series creator Akira Toriyama and we wanted to ask the GamePro community in a survey whether they are looking forward to Daima. Although the result is quite clear, you made a point of criticism in the comments that we can really understand.

The anticipation for Dragon Ball Daima is there

First of all, a huge thank you to the 1,543 of you who voted. Here are the results of our survey with the hook “Your opinion on Dragon Ball Daima“:

  • 26% – I’m interested, hopefully it will be great (403 votes)
  • 23% – A big nostalgic tear rolls down your cheek (359 votes)
  • 21% – Just wait and see (320 votes)
  • 13% – Yes, I’m excited (198 votes)
  • 10% – No interest! Next! (162 votes)
  • 7% – I don’t really need the nostalgia boost (101 votes)

Mostly anticipation: It is therefore clear that, at 62%, almost two thirds of you are either really looking forward to Dragon Ball Daima or are at least excited about the new anime.

A good one in five are still holding back their anticipation and say “Just wait and see“, while only 17% can’t do anything with the new series.


A look at the comments section…

…shows a rather mixed picture. For example, while Darcy Vega is happy for his/her son…

My son will be happy. He’s currently playing Dragonball Fusion and the characters all look exactly the same 😀 The only downside. It will probably be a few years before this happens again in Germany

… for example, SchnabeltierX and Rillani are hardly enthusiastic about the announcement:


Looks uninteresting to me, you could call it DragonBall Chibi…..

Dragon Ball Daima: First trailer for the new anime by Akira Toriyama

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Dragon Ball Daima: First trailer for the new anime by Akira Toriyama

Your biggest criticism of Dima’s announcement

There was repeated negative feedback on the announcement in particular on one point. Some of you want Dragon Ball Super to finally start its new arc.

This is how Captainblack writes:


Instead of finally continuing Super, they’re actually making GT 2.0 again… No thanks.

Pantheos also agrees:

They should probably continue Dragon Ball Super. I personally don’t need a chibi series like that right now…


While the manga is already more advanced, Tōei Animation has been keeping quiet about the continuation of the anime for years. The big question remains whether not only will Daima appear on Dragon Ball’s 40th anniversary next year, but whether the super anime will also be continued.

Daima or Super? Which Dragon Ball anime are you currently more excited about?