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Dragon Ball: Gohan managed to avenge his father in one of his most humiliating defeats


We had to wait until Dragon Ball GT, but he had his revenge.

Majin Vegeta is one of Vegeta’s strongest forms.

Although we already know that Vegeta will never become as powerful as Goku, for a simple reason of attitude, the truth is that the Saiyan prince has indeed reached beat Goku on more than one occasion. The most recent one took place after training with Beerus, in the movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, but there is a much more iconic one in the memory of Dragon Ball fans. A fight that Gohan would remember many years later.

Many might think of the Vegeta’s first appearance in Dragon Ballwhich could technically count as a victory for Vegeta over Goku, even if he ultimately lost against the group of Z-Fighters, but the truth is that we were thinking of the fight between Goku and Majin Vegeta after he had allowed himself to be seduced by Babidi’s power. Aside from the great increase in energy, this spell made Vegeta lose all qualms about him, so he finally managed to trick Goku and knock him unconscious during their combat.

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Gohan comes to Goku many years later

We have to go ahead then Dragon Ball GT, episode 27 of the first season. After getting the last Black Dragon Star, Goku, Trunks and Pan return to Earth to discover that Baby, a parasitic intergalactic organism, has infected Gohan. and has taken control of his body. Then a fight ensues between gohan and vegeta which could well be reminiscent of Goku and Majin Vegeta, only now it is Vegeta who loses the fight and Gohan manages to avenge, in a certain way, the humiliation that Goku experienced years ago.

Gohan Baby vs. Vegeta

We all know that, after Vegeta was defeated, Baby takes the opportunity to make him his next host and thus take revenge on the Saiyans, since he was the one who decimated the race of their creators. In this way it arises baby vegetaone of the biggest villains of Dragon Ball GT that we see even in combat against Goku in his new Super Saiyan 4 form.

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There is some debate between whether or not Dragon Ball GT should be considered canon official of the Dragon Ball universe, but the truth is that it does have some memorable moments and it seems that Dragon Ball Super is making an approach to Dragon GT by making one of its characters canon.