Dragon Ball: hair is the key why Goku and Vegeta are unbeatable

Tom Henry

It seems that hair is a determining factor in the power of these warriors.

The Saiyan warrior race has certain somewhat incomprehensible factorssince these are distinguished by carrying in their veins a insatiable thirst for combat and in turn have defining features that cannot be altered.

Goku and Vegeta currently have attained the power of the godsthanks to arduous training that they have carried out together with Whis and the God of destruction, Beeruswho have welcomed them as their students and taught them to carry their strength beyond limits.

However, there are certain factors that can be of great influence so that these warriors have reached the level they currently have and apparently it has to do with his hair. Next, we tell you the details.

What’s so special about Goku and Vegeta’s hair?

Goku and Vegeta are already at a level equal to that of the Gods

Goku and Vegeta are already at a level equal to that of the Gods

Goku and Vegeta meet at the podium of the strongest warriors in the universe and this is thanks to the incredible training they have received from Whis and Bills, as these have been great help that these Saiyans have increased in an overwhelming way his strength and abilities.

Due to the immense escalation of power that these Saiyan have had, they have become almost insurmountablebecause they have diminished all the possibilities of the other Z warriors to match them in strength, especially their children who assumes that they could reach them at some pointbut all this has now vanished and apparently Goku and Vegeta’s hair could be the key to this.

To understand this, remember the chapter #389 of Dragon Ball Z. Cell has declared war on Earth and he has decided to hold a martial arts tournament in which if he is victorious he will destroy the planet just for fun. In view of this, the Z Fighters have decided prepare in the time rooma kind of hyperbolic chamber that allows you train two years in just two days.

Finishing the training and leaving this room, the Physical appearance of Future Trunks has changedbecause his hair has grown quite a bit, Bulma quickly notices the change in her son and tells him that she will give him a cut so that this don’t be a nuisance in his battle against Cell.

Trunks' hair has grown quite a bit during his training in the time room.

Trunks’ hair has grown quite a bit during his training in the time room.

Also, Bulma asks Goku and Vegeta why their Hair didn’t grow like Future Trunks and Gohan’s. while they remained in the time room, to which the Saiyan Prince immediately replies that as they are Purebred Saiyan their hair only grows when they are babies and stays that way for life.

This statement from Vegeta could clarify many doubts about why these warriors have become insurmountablewell the purity of this warrior race runs through their veins.

Nevertheless, we must not take away from the hybrid Saiyansas Toriyama has repeatedly stated that the mixture of the Saiyans with humans gives them greater opportunity to reach unforeseen levels with great easeso it would not be unreasonable to see at some point that the children of these warriors are the the only ones capable of overcoming them.

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