Dragon Ball: Henry Cavill may be leaving Witcher, but he would be perfect as Bardock – this picture proves it

Tom Henry

dragon ball: henry cavill may be leaving witcher, but he

Henry Cavill as Bardock? That fits like a glove!

dragon ball had dared an attempt to bring Son Goku and the Z-Troop to life with the help of actors with the live-action adaptation of Dragon Ball Evolution. But the film became such a disaster that it indirectly revitalized the franchise.

That’s why many fans still want a better version of Dragon Ball Evolution. Numerous artists have imagined which actors would be the perfect cast for a live-action film. An artist has now found an actor who could play the role of Son Goku’s father.

Dragon Ball Artist Casts Henry Cavill In Bardock’s Role

Graphic designer Renzo G. created an image of Henry Cavill wearing Bardock’s clothes and hairstyle. The actor should look familiar to most of you from the Netflix series The Witcher. He played the witcher Geralt of Rivia in the first three seasons, but will be replaced by Liam Hemsworth in the coming season.

But should Cavill be open to a new role, he would definitely be a good fit for Goku’s father Bardock, as Renzo G.’s self-made picture proves:

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Why would Cavill be born Bardock? The picture designed by the artist looks like it was made of one piece. Cavill’s square face lends itself perfectly to Bardock’s tousled hairdo, and his serious gaze shows what a tough warrior he is.

Cavill already has some experience fighting strong opponents through his role as a sorcerer. Accordingly, he could well embody a Saiyan whose people live for battle. Also, the red headband and Bardock’s battle suit suit him damn well.

Unfortunately, no sequel or reinterpretation of Dragon Ball Evolution has been announced yet. But should the live-action movie be announced in the future, we already know the perfect cast for Bulma, Son Gohan and Son Goku.

Who is Bardock anyway? Bardock is Son Goku’s father and therefore looks confusingly similar to him. He was Frieza’s henchman for a long time. However, upon gaining the ability to see into the future, he was shown visions of Son Goku leaving the home planet.

Over time, Frieza’s intentions became clearer to him, which is why he tried to save his home planet from catastrophe. But we know the end of the story: Freezers destroyed the Saiyan planet and with it Son Goku’s father.

Do you think Henry Cavill would make a good role as Bardock?

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