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Dragon Ball may have changed the strongest Saiyan warrior and it’s not who you expect


Goku’s lineage seems to improve with each new generation.

Dragon Ball may have changed the strongest Saiyan warrior and it's not who you expect
Goku is one of the protagonists of Dragon Ball

According to Dragon Ball canon, we might think that Goku is indisputably the most powerful saiyan of the present time, but there are those who say that an unexpected warrior could become the strongest Saiyan in the universe. Gohan has shown on more than one occasion that he could be better than his father and Vegeta came to beat Goku in the movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero thanks to his new Ultra Ego form. The mysterious warrior is none other than Gotenthe second son of Goku.


A fan theory suggests that Goten could be the most powerful Saiyan today because of all the merits achieved being so youngand the truth is that at a very young age he faced several of the greatest enemies in the history of Dragon Ball.

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The youngest super saiyan

The first proof of this theory falls on the Daizenshuua Dragon Ball guide published between 1995 and 1996 that, although unfortunately it did not come out outside of Japan, picked up in its day that Goten “is not in the least bit inferior to the (power) of his older brother, Gohan“. Starting from this base, and taking into account that Gohan does not manage to master the form super saiyan Until his training for the World Martial Arts Tournament, Goten, by achieving that transformation at a younger age, would be equivalently more powerful than Gohan and other enemies he faces like the Androids or Cell himself.

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Goten in Dragon Ball Z

The thing does not end there, since apart from being one of the few saiyan capable of achieving a perfect fusion with Trunks, Gotenksand reaching Super Saiyan 3 form, Goten seems to have a special ability to reach what is known as Super Saiyan at full power or fourth grade. A Super Saiyan state similar in appearance to the first grade Super Saiyan, but much more powerful. It is recognized by some aesthetic changes, such as a more relaxed and calm expression versus the usual rage and fury of the normal Super Saiyan.

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For all these merits being the youngest saiyan, Goten might be the most powerful saiyan in history as it grows and awakens its full potential. At the moment, he continues to star with Trunks in the new arc of the Dragon Ball mangain their stage as new saiyaman vigilantes.

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