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Dragon Ball: One of the great villains of the series has more in common with Piccolo than you can imagine


Dragon Ball: One of the great villains of the series has more in common with Piccolo than you can imagine

Piccolo and Buu have parallel stories.

Dragon Ball Super: Toriyama confirms that Piccolo has the same power level as Goku

Throughout all these years, it cannot be said that Dragon Ball does not have iconic villainssince, after all, these have been the main motivators for the protagonists to train in their combat techniques in order to defeat them, while in the original Dragon Ball series I think that nobody has the slightest doubt that the main enemy was Piccolobeing this even the one that marked a before and after in the way in which the history of the manga and anime of Akira Toriyama progressed.

In this way, being introduced as the Demon King Piccolo, it could be seen as was locked up for centuries, being freed at a certain point in the story by Pilaf in the hope that it would help him in his dream of world domination. However, what happened next we already know everything, being so Piccolo decided to betray Pilad almost immediately and proceeded to take control of the Earth himself.

Buu has had practically the same history as Piccolo

Obviously Goku stopped him and the son of this original Piccolo ended up becoming one of his greatest allies and friends, to the point of having raised all of Goku’s family. Added to this is the fact that this original Demon King was actually the evil part of another namekian who would later be known as Kami Sama and with whom Piccolo would end up merging in Cell’s arc to defeat the Androids, causing him to be the most powerful Z Warrior for a time.

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It is right here that we can see great parallels with Buu, since after causing the destruction on the planet, this being ended up becoming good thanks to Mr. Satan. However, the progress of the plot showed us Buu dividing himself into two, just as the original namekian did in his day, a good part and a bad part, the only difference being that one did it on purpose to become the god of Earth while Buu had no choice.

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As if this wasn’t enough, Buu was also locked up for millennia, thereby giving rise to his release starting a new threat at the same time that he also betrayed whoever released him**. And if all this was not enough, Buu and Uub merged in Dragon Ball GTleaving Uub’s body as the base and adding Buu’s power, this being the same thing that happened with Piccolo at the time.

The similarities between Buu and Piccolo go much further

kid buu dragon ball

Having said all of the above, it seems clear that there has been some inspiration to create the arc of Buu, since even the plot goes far beyond these small details. For example, both arcs are related to the World Martial Arts Tournamentbeing so that on the part of Piccolo we see that it begins after the victory of Ten Shin Ham, while the final combat occurs in this same tournament with the victory of Goku.

In the same way, both enemies are related to the deities, since Kami Sama was the good part of this Demon King Piccolo, while Majin Buu tried to be stopped by the Kaio Shin, among many other facts that make it clear that Toriyama could have recycled more than one idea. In fact, it must be said that both have been the only villains defeated by Goku directly, since the Spirit Bomb and the Fist of the Monkey were responsible for defeating these enemies.

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In any case, it must be said that Dragon Ball is characterized by its fightswhich has led to the popularity it has today, in the same way that we can see differences, such as that Piccolo had affairs and Buu didn’t. For the rest, we will have to see how Piccolo and Buu (the good guys) perform in the future of Dragon Ball Super, since for now we know that Orange Piccolo is about to become canon with the new arc of superheroes.

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