Dragon Ball ruined the possibility that Goku’s first villain was the best of all

Tom Henry

dragon ball ruined the possibility that goku's first villain was

Which has left us wanting to know if it could have been different.

Dragon Ball ruined the possibility that Goku's first villain was the best of all
Dragon Ball is an anime franchise that managed to enter the childhood of many people, and therefore settle in the collective imagination.

Dragon Ball is a franchise that is especially remembered by many people, especially because it was part of their childhood, something that is shared by several generations. The anime that popularized its medium would be the best definition, in addition to being considered, despite various aspects, as one of the best anime in history. Unfortunately, this does not mean that its story or its characters are perfect, and it is that many times it has been accused of wasting heroes and villains that could have outshone even the main characters of this story, something that happened with the villain we are going to talk about today.

Specifically, we are talking about Pilaf, the one we could consider the main villain of the first Dragon Ball series, and who turned out to be the laughing stock of an entire generation due to the little luck he had when it came to trying to defeat the group of Goku and company. . This has been pointed out by Screen Rant, and it is that if we look back, it is curious that a character with so much potential ended up reduced to what we could finally see.

There are many cases that we can point out, and it is that He didn’t just make a fool of himself in the original Dragon Ballsomething that we especially saw when he tried to use Goku’s tail to catch him (his weakness) at a time when he no longer had it, but later, in Dragon Ball GT, it turned out to be the trigger for the entire plot, leaving again ridiculous to his figure.

Pilaf and Shu with the Dragon Balls

Pilaf turns out to be a most wasted villain.

He was also humiliated in Dragon Ball Super

Unfortunately, Pilaf’s humiliations do not end here, and it is that in Dragon Ball Super, the most recent series in the franchise, he has also been humiliated on several occasions. In this way, Akira Toriyama seems to have understood that the time to take advantage of the character has ended, and that it is even better strategy to carry this ridicule to the end.

We already missed our chance to see one of the best villains in the history of this franchiseand if you’re waiting for it to make an appearance, you should probably do it sitting down, because this is something that seems like it will never come.

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