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Dragon Ball stole from us the best fusion for Goku that he would have ever had


Dragon Ball stole from us the best fusion for Goku that he would have ever had

Buu’s arc showed us a desperate Goku.

Goku and Gohan in Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball is a series that has been characterized by having two elements that characterize the work of Akira Toriyama above any other, while fighting and humor is what defines Goku and his friends. However, there are times when the humor is not limited to just seeing how Gohan tries to hide that he doesn’t know how to hit the ball hard in baseball, but can go much further.

And this is something that depending on the moment may be out of place, but if it is about the Majin Buu arc we can see that Goku starred in one of the most hilarious moments in a rather tense circumstance, since the Saiyan looked quite desperate to be able to finish off one of the great enemies of the series. so much that even a merger with Mr. Satan was considered.

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Goku came to consider a merger with Mr. Satan

This is something that could be seen in chapter 503 of Dragon Ball, in which we can see that Goku, after recovering his life, travels to Earth from the planet of the Kaio Shin in order to face boo, carrying for this the Potara earrings that would allow him to merge with Gohan. Or at least that was the original plan, since when you arrive it is too late, giving rise to only one option. Effectively: Mr. Satan.

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It is just at this moment when Goku imagines himself fused with this subject, who, despite being a coward, is not bad on a human scale. In fact, he is responsible for saving Goten and Trunks from almost certain death. However, at the time of battle I couldn’t have done anything.

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Luckily for everyone, near this moment Vegeta appeared, thereby giving rise to this being the one chosen by Goku to fuse, thereby giving rise to Vegito, a powerful Saiyan who could have perfectly finished off Majin Buu, although this would also have Of course the arc would have ended much sooner than planned. In any case, we cannot ignore a fact, and that is that we were close to seeing Gotan in action.

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