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Dragon Ball Super finally explains the mystery with the dinosaurs in GT

Chapter 88 of the manga reveals a mystery from the non-canon series.

Dragon Ball Super finally explains the mystery with the dinosaurs in GT
Goku in his Super Saiyan 4 phase in Dragon Ball GT

Dragons and dinosaurs have always been very present in Dragon Ball, as could be seen in Dragon Ball Z with a childhood friend of Gohan’s whose real name we have already discovered and in the original series. In fact, in the famous opening that in USA we know as Light fire destruction and in Latin America as Cha-La Head-Cha-La you can see Gohan running away from one.

Now, if we go to Dragon Ball GT, we can see that during the commercial breaks of this anime, a dinosaur appeared in the sketches, being a complete mystery. where did it come from, since nothing of him had been seen in Dragon Ball Z or in the GT itself. However, even if it was a mere parody, it seems that Toriyama and Toyotaro wanted to give him an explanation and canonize him.

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The dinosaur is Bulma’s family pet.

And it is that after canonizing a character from Dragon Ball GT in Dragon Ball Super, now it has been the turn of the dinosaur that appeared in these same commercial breaks, thereby giving rise to it being known relationship with the Z Fighters. And it is that chapter 88 of Dragon Ball Super would have revealed that This dinosaur is from Bulma’s parents..

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This can be seen when Trunks, dressed as Saiyaman X-1, meets his grandfather, who was walking his pet Dino on a leash. From this point derives a conversation in which they do not realize that they are talking to his grandson. However, Dino recognizes Trunks and approaches him.making it clear what is the origin of this mysterious dinosaur.


Now, to put a bit in context, you should know that this came out with all the Z Fighters riding in a car as if they were going camping, whereas, when they got on, they realized that they were carrying too much weight. However, the end of the skits showed us this dinosaur crying and saying goodbye because it is too big to go in a car. For the rest, it should be noted that it remains to be seen How much of Dragon Ball GT will end up coming out in Superbut until then we will have to stay tuned to see how the superhero arc.

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