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Dragon Ball Super gives Yamcha the moment of glory that everyone has been waiting for


Dragon Ball Super gives Yamcha the moment of glory that everyone has been waiting for

Yamcha is itching to prove himself again.

Dragon Ball Super gives Yamcha the moment of glory that everyone has been waiting for
Dragon Ball Super will be back very soon

Between the joke and the real appreciation for one of the most veteran characters in the Dragon Ball franchise, Yamcha is a character very loved by the fan community, what happens is that lately he has fallen far behind the power of his peers, which has forced him to miss events such as the Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power. This could mean a chance for Yamcha to come back better than ever heading into the return of dragon ball supera kind of redemption for this beloved character.

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Before the celebration of the Tournament of Power, Goku went to ask the Z Fighters for help to represent Universe 7. He had the help of Tien, Krillin and Master Rosi, but not Yamcha’s, who is at a clear disadvantage compared to his teammates. Will this be a wake-up call for Yamcha that motivates him to train and become the best version of himself?

The Return of Dragon Ball Super

While the Dragon Ball Super manga is in the arc of Trunks and Goten as Saiyaman X1 and X2, the Dragon Ball Super anime is more advanced, because in the events of the movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Two years had already passed since the celebration of the Tournament of Power. If the writers of the series want Yamcha to once again have a leading role within the Z Fighters, this may be the chosen moment, showing that these years that have passed have been used to train and become a better fighter, even if he is only a human. , as is the case with krillin.

yamcha dragon ball z

Yamcha’s famous scene in Dragon Ball Z has been turned into a meme by the community.

Yamcha has always been an important member of the groupbut the truth is that it has also been one of the most mistreated by writers ever since, which has fueled the fan community to create all kinds of memes with poor Yamcha.

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Dragon Ball may have changed the strongest Saiyan warrior and it’s not who you expect

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For now there is no date for the return of Dragon Ball Superso we will have to wait for the manga to finish developing the current arc to see what is the next path to follow in the series.

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