Dragon Ball Super manga finally reveals secret behind Orange Piccolo

dragon ball super manga finally reveals secret behind orange piccolo

Tom Henry

Dragon Ball Super manga finally reveals secret behind Orange Piccolo

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What’s up with Piccolo’s new form?

In the movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, Piccolo had to become stronger in the face of his enemies. To do this, he sought out Shenlong and asked him to unleash his full potential. Shenlong granted his wish and Piccolo transformed into Orange Piccolo.

Shenlong mentioned adding a small bonus. But until today it remained unclear what kind of bonus that should be and how Orange Piccolo came about in the first place. The Dragon Ball Super manga now clarifies the mystery behind the orange piccolo.

Orange piccolo is due to divine powers

On the official Dragon Ball website, those responsible publish a small seak peek of the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super. The ninth chapter of the Super Hero arc is due out in V Jump Magazine in October and will reveal Piccolo’s secret.

What’s his secret? On X (formerly Twitter), user SupaChronicles translated the drawings from the Sneak Peak and found that Orange Piccolo on divine ki is due.

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Its power comes directly from Shenlong, a being created by God. So it makes sense that such a divine being could awaken the divine powers of another person.

Also, it was possible for Dende to sense Piccolo’s Ki as his own God Ki is developing. Trunks and Son Gohan suddenly can’t feel Orange Piccolo’s ki anymore because they don’t have it themselves yet.

With this, Piccolo is taking the same direction as Son Goku and Vegeta. Both have also unlocked the God-Ki and can thus transform into Super Saiyan Blue, for example. Mangaka Akira Toriyama explained in advance that Orange Piccolo can keep up with the other Dragon Ball heroes. Now we also know why.

There may be another explanation of a special shape in the following manga chapters. Son Gohan also surpasses himself and unlocks the Gohan Beast transformation after watching Piccolo supposedly die.

In this state, he gains red eyes with black pupils, silver hair, and a silver-purple aura. It remains to be seen where these powers come from.

Are you surprised by this fact? Or would you have guessed something else behind Piccolo’s powers?

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